This Underwater Scooter Has A Camera Mount To Capture Your Underwater Adventures

Explore underwater with less effort while consuming less air and covering more area on a single dive with the help of the underwater scooter. Underwater diving and swimming are one of the most pleasurable activities in the world. But it’s also the most draining and exhausting form of physical activity. Muscular strength to consistently perform swimming strokes, superior lung capacity to survive the environment, physical endurance to withstand underwater pressure and mental toughness to plunge into the unknown. These are the reasons why we feel more exhausted after swimming compared to other physical activities performed within the same duration.

Sea scooters or diver propulsion vehicles are designed to drag drivers underwater. These water propelled devices pull the divers across underwater and down to the depths with minimal kicking and movement required when swimming. There are plenty of sea scooters available on the market. But if you’re looking for a diver propulsion device that does more than that then this scooter is worth checking out. Let’s see, it has high-power motors to propel you smoothly underwater and also has a camera stand so you can use it as an underwater drone.


Underwater Scooter With Camera Mount

underwater scooter with camera mount

Unlike most sea scooters that come in the form of ducted propellers, this one features a streamline design that offers better grip. Furthermore, its symmetrical constructions also provide better aesthetics compared to the unsightly ones that make you look like you’re being dragged by a big ducted fan. This elegant-looking sea scooter is equipped with a 360W powerful motor with two speed controls (high and low) that you can adjust by pressing a key. It can dive down to a maximum depth of 100 feet.

cellbee diver propulsion vehicle


underwater scooter high power motor

This scooter is equipped with a durable and airline-approved battery. The built-in 4400mAh battery can last for up to 45 minutes in low speed mode and 20 minutes in high speed mode. What’s more, it has a built-in mount which is compatible with any GoPro sports camera. So, you can seamlessly take videos of your underwater experience or use it as an underwater drone for research purposes.

cellbee water propulsion vehicle


cellbee diver propulsion vehicle bottom side


underwater scooter swimming pool

But that’s not all. The scooter comes with a downloadable app that allows you to sync the scooter to your phone or tablet. With the smart app control, you can monitor the battery status, depth, distance and temperature of the propulsion device in real time. You can also opt to set the remote parent mode to ensure your kid’s safety while they’re using it. Using the parent mode allows you to control the speed and depth of the scooter. It also has a self-cleaning feature so there’s no need disassemble the unit just to clean. After each use, place the machine in clean water and activate self-cleaning via the app.

water scooter app control


Smart App Control

water propulsion vehicle app control


The scooter with camera integration measures 19 inches wide, 10 inches tall and 6 inches deep. It only weighs 5.9 lbs making it easy to carry anywhere. You can use it in the sea, a lake, river and swimming pool. Enjoy diving and swimming longer and let this sleek water propulsion vehicle take you where you want to go underwater. A customer review reads:

“This underwater scooter is awesome! First, no assembly required. Out of the box, I just gave it a short charge to full. The kids started out on the slow setting and within one loop they bumped it up to fast and they were going all over the place. It has awesome speed. This scooter even pulled the adults around with ease. The battery life is awesome as well.”

underwater scooter pool

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underwater scooter streamline design

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