Cute ‘Neko Cups’ Let You Create A Cat Army Out Of Sand

In Japan, cats are one of the most beloved pets and are highly revered creatures because they symbolize good fortune. Apart from having them as pets, cats also serve as inspiration for several Japanese companies. Products in the form of cats are the trend in Japan right now. From cat-shaped sandals to bags that look like real kitties. We’ve found another cute item to add into these adorable cat-themed creations. The Neko Cup from the Japanese company H Concept will surely make your summer even brighter. Now, how would you like to create napping cat sculptures out of sand?

h concept neko cup

The Neko Cup features a silhouette of a sleepy cat that looks like a solid piece from the outside. But it actually has a hollow space inside where you can mold the sculptures out of sand, snow, or soil. You and your kids can fill the seashore with sleepy cat sand sculptures the easiest way possible. When not in use, you can use these cat-shaped cups as charming home decors. Simply clean the cups and place them anywhere you like it.

kid playing with neko cup


neko cup sleepy cat sand sculptures


neko cup sand object sleepy cat figure


neko cup seashore filled with cleepy cat sculptures


neko cups home decor

But why choose a sleepy cat as a concept for these products? The designer behind the Neko Cup, Yuka Morii, explains that the image of a calm cat also emits an air of calmness and tranquility. True enough, just seeing a cat peacefully lying on the corner can give you a feeling of relaxation, which could really come in handy during stressful days.

white neko cup desk decor


neko cup windowsill


neko cup bedroom decor

It is also important to point out that each Neko Cup is entirely made from biomass plastic. Unlike traditional plastic, bioplastics are derived from organic materials such as corn starch, vegetable oil, and cellulose. So when these bioplastics break down, they generally do not produce that much carbon dioxide. This is because the plant components have already absorbed the same amount of carbon dioxide to begin with.

The Neko Cup is available in three different colors – white, black, and beige. If you’re in Japan, you can buy these adorable sand objects from the H Concept online shop for ¥2,916 (around $27) each.

The Neko Cup comes in three color options – beige, black, and white

neko cups color options

Source: H Concept