These Cute Glass Bear Cups Are On The ‘NEED’ List For Sure

Do you need some smiles to lift your mood up every morning? Honestly, we all need that! That is why we need to have our own glass bear cup. With its cute design featuring a friendly-looking bear in an upside down position, this will give you a reason to smile before you start your day. You’ll be glad to know that wearing a happy face makes for an upbeat mood to help you get through the day.

Of course, we understand that sometimes, a warm cup of coffee isn’t enough to give you your morning boost of happiness. When everything gets rough, we might need something more than that. And this adorable glass bear cup might be the thing we need. Well, just look at it! Pour your coffee, milk, or tea into it and watch the smiling bear come alive as it takes the color of your drink.


Glass Bear Cup

glass bear cup

This double-walled cup is made of borosilicate glass, a material which is much more heat-resistant than normal glass. Since it is made with two layers of glass, it’s basically a glass within a glass. And since the air between the layers is sucked out, it retains the temperature of the content for longer. It keeps hot beverages warm for longer and cold beverages cool for longer.

glass bear cup upside down head


glass bear cup honey-colored inner layer


double-walled cute mugs


glass bear cup double walled

This bear cup comes in two styles – one which is entirely clear and the other one which features a honey-colored inner layer. Each cup can hold up to 250-ml of cold or hot beverage. And the double-walled glass allows you to hold the outer surface without scalding your fingers from heat. You can put it in the dishwasher, freezer, microwave, or oven without fear of cracking. But remember that just like regular glass, borosilicate glassware also breaks if dropped.

“If you want a darling novelty item, this is it.”, one buyer wrote. “Quality is excellent. I use this often for juice, milk, or chocolate milk. Every single time I have used it, I feel so happy.”

glass bear cup upside down design


cute animal mugs hot or cold


double-walled cute animal mugs


double-walled cute animal mug design


cute animal design mug

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