There’s A Giant Circular Moon Puzzle That Will Look Awesome In Any Home

Fight boredom while in quarantine by solving this giant circular moon puzzle. This pandemic crisis has taught us so many things. For one thing, being stuck at home for days is actually harder than it seems. As of the moment, we are not quite sure when the pandemic will end. And it’s only reasonable to assume that the lockdown period is inclined to be extended at this rate. So, you’ll need to ask yourself – can you still keep up with the quarantine for more days… or weeks… or months?

There are several ways to keep ourselves occupied in self-isolation. You can binge-watch on Netflix, play video games, cuddle with your pets, or solve jigsaw puzzles. If you consider yourself a master problem solver then you may find ordinary jigsaw puzzles too easy for you. We previously featured challenging jigsaw puzzles that would certainly push your problem-solving skills to the limit. There’s the clear jigsaw puzzle and the 2000-piece blank jigsaw puzzle that can surely keep you busy for days. But if you’re looking for an equally challenging yet more rewarding puzzle then the giant circular moon puzzle is for you.


Giant Circular Moon Puzzle

giant circular moon puzzle

Unlike the clear puzzle and the blank puzzle, this circular moon puzzle features a high-definition image of the moon. It uses the iconic image of the near side of the moon captured by NASA. As to date, it is considered the clearest image of the moon ever taken by humankind. This jigsaw puzzle features the same image in stunning clarity, showing even the smallest craters on the moon’s surface.

jigsaw circular moon puzzle


four point puzzles jigsaw


jigsaw 1000 pieces


challenging tiling game round border

And unlike any other jigsaw puzzles, this circular moon puzzle comes with a round border which adds more challenge to the game. Instead of finding for the flat border pieces to start with the edges, you’ll need to look for the slightly rounded pieces to complete the circular frame first. It includes 1000 pieces of jigsaw puzzles with no to pieces exactly alike. And when you’re done with the puzzle, you can gaze and admire the image of the moon to your heart’s desire. The completed form should measure 26.5 inches in diameter.

circular moon puzzle jigsaw

Source: Four Point Puzzles