16 Awesome DIY Dog Accessory Ideas You And Your Pooch Will Love


Every dog owner knows the scenario, you go for a routine dog food trip to the pet store and end up spending what seems like your full wage for the week in the process. There are so many cool things you can buy for dogs that it's no wonder we spend a small fortune on our canine pals. Of course, they're worth every penny and more, however wouldn't it be so much cooler if you could actually save money and tackle some DIY dog accessory projects at home? Take a look at these 16 awesome ideas for inspiration!


Dog coats can be pretty expensive so why not make your own?

shirt dog coat


Look good taking your dog to the bathroom with this DIY idea!

dog bag lead


How about making your own cute doggy ID tag? Instructions here.

dog name tag


Your dog will look awesome in this DIY no-sew bandana!

no sew dog bandana


How about making your own healthy dog treats? Instructions here.

dog treats


Tired of vacuuming dog hair from the car? Make your own car seat covers! Instructions here.

dog seat cover hammock


Make your dog some cool colored leads with some fabric dye and rope!

colored dog leads


Have a dog who gets bored easily? Give him some DIY food puzzles to play with! Instructions here.

dog food puzzle



How about making him a cool collar? Instructions here.

cool collar


Your dog will be ready for any special occasion with this dress shirt collar!

dog dress shirt collar


Make your dog feel amazingly comfortable by making him his own cool crate pad!

dog crate pads


Why not try making your own DIY doggy wipes? Instructions here.

dog wipe ingredients


Make him his own personalized dog bed from old shipping pallets.

personalized dog bed


It's easy to create your own rope toys and they're a lot cheaper than the store-bought ones too!

rope toy


Keep your house clean after a walk by using these doggy cleaning mitts on your dog when you both arrive home. Instructions here.

dog mitts


And finally, your dog will look so handsome and distinguished with his own bow tie!

dog bow tie

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