Baker Alana Jones-Mann Has Created A Persian Rug Cake

Los Angeles-based baker and event designer Alana Jones-Mann leveled up her baking game when she created textured buttercream cakes that look like retro shaggy rugs. Although she’s well-known for her round shaggy cakes, Alana has other unique confectionery creations that are as equally impressive. One of which is her rectangular Persian rug cake that looks like an antique hand-woven carpet.

In October 2018, the popular baker was featured on Elle Décor magazine. She was asked to present 8 cakes based off a selection of the season’s best rugs. One of her creations was inspired by an antique Persian rug that Alana saw from Mansour, a purveyor of luxury vintage rugs and tapestries. To mimic the interesting design and painstaking craftsmanship, Alana hand piped each individual dot of buttercream. The decorating technique took a lot of time to complete because she had to keep them low and compact. Each dot was meticulously placed on the surface to reflect the realistic appearance and texture of a rug.


A Persian Rug Cake Based Off A Vintage Rug

Her amazing Persian rug cake is indeed a treat for the eyes. And we’re pretty sure it tasted as great as it looked. Furthermore, Alana’s edible art serves as a testament to the creativity and craftsmanship of the ancient artisans who crafted these historical treasures that have been passed from generation to generation. October this year, Alana created another buttercream rug cake. This time, it was inspired by a rug she saw from Blue Parakeet Rugs, a retailer of antique and vintage rugs. And it looks as delightful as the one she made two years ago.

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