Chemistry “Element” Crayons Help Kids Learn the Periodic Table While Having Fun

The periodic table of elements is probably the most important chemistry reference for scientists and modern students. Even if you’re not into chemistry, you will still need to study this reference at some point. Most kids are not really fond of studying, more especially memorizing. But if you’re clever, you can add some fun into learning to draw their interest. It’s no secret that kids are so fascinated by colorful things. If only there’s a way to incorporate the periodic table with something colorful and interesting. Colorful and interesting, you say? How about crayons? For one thing, crayons are literally colorful. Furthermore, coloring is one of the most engaging activities that kids love. Que Interesante offers a new exciting way for kids to learn the periodic table with these chemistry element crayons.

Each crayon is labeled with the name of a chemical element, its symbol, and the crayon’s color. Que Interesante cleverly applies the flame test in the pairing of crayon color and the chemical element. A flame test is an analytical procedure that identifies the presence of particular elements according to the flame color it produces. For example, the element Barium produces a green flame when it undergoes flame test. That is why this element is paired with a green crayon. Another example is Lithium, this certain element emits a red flame when put under flame test. So it is only fitting to pair it with a red crayon.

Chemistry Crayons

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chemistry crayons


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Using these chemistry element crayons can help your kids learn and memorize the periodic table as they color. You can get a set of these element crayons on Etsy. It is available in a set of 8, 16, 24, 36, 48, 64, 96, and 120 colors. With these informative crayons, learning the periodic table has never been more fun.
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