Formerly Homeless People Share Their Heartbreaking Experiences

We all know how wonderful it is to belong to a family. The love we get from our parents and siblings are something that is priceless. However, we grow up and make our own decisions. Sometimes these decisions could lead to heartbreaking experiences, and some people lose their homes. But they get up and start all over again. These stories from formerly homeless people could teach us a thing or two about what it’s really like.

Living without a home is a difficult thing. Formerly homeless people share their heartbreaking experiences. Because we go through hardships and learn from them.


When your life is sort of like a Cinderella story:



What matters most is that you were able to rise up again.


You’ll never know what truly matters until you’ve experienced losing everything.


When some secrets can be kept for a long time:


What a really sad story. We can all learn from this.


When a hospital bed is enough:


You just stay where it’s safe for you.


When you look back and I say that you have a better life now than before:


Although it’s understandable, sometimes you just need to chill a little bit.


When you appreciate the little things in life:


But don’t you think being independent is better?


We only have one life and we should make the most of it.


When this is like a rags to riches story:


Having a place to feel warmth is important.



When being homeless forces you to do bad things:


This is incredibly sad.


Life is crazy, yet you have overcome it all.


When experiences teach you unusual things:


Sometimes you just got to enjoy life.


When you get too attached to things because of your past experiences: