14 Parents Share The Funniest And Most Embarrassing Things Their Kids Have Done


If there’s one thing you can be certain that kids will do, it’s to say or do the absolute most inappropriate thing that they could say or do at any given moment. They’re not afraid to reveal your deepest, darkest secrets to anyone who will listen or to say things entirely out of context so that they sound bad! In hindsight it’s generally funny, but at the time it can be embarrassing. The Pump and Dump is a live comedy show about parenting, where (at one point) audience members are asked to write down the most messed up things their kids have done. Some of these responses get shared on their website, which is how we have them for you to enjoy today. So, take a look at these fourteen stories that parents have shared about the funniest and most embarrassing things their kids have done.



At least they know their daughter’s not lacking in ingenuity. 


Where do they even get these things from?


Kids are never afraid to talk about your bowel movements.


We’ve got to say, it wouldn’t be our first choice of refreshment.


That awkward moment when your kid makes it sound as though you’ve been giving them drugs.


Sometimes this is all too true.


It’s an easy mistake to make…


Anything can be a weapon if you have a strong imagination.


At least he’s got style!


Gee, thanks, kid!


We honestly can’t blame the child… fries, right?!


Oh, god. We can’t even.


Such is life…


Not bad work if you can get it.

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