15 Photos Of Funny Coincidences Taken At The Perfect Moment

Most of the times, the most hilarious moments in life are those that happen by chance. When unexpected instances are too perfect to miss, we can’t help but capture these moments for the world to see. Take a look at these 15 photos of funny coincidences showing how amusing and creative life can be!

When the tank in front of you appears to look transparent…

BestOfMenMustDie / imgur

At least I’m not the only one who thinks that most packages zig zag cuts look like Bart’s hair.

D4ftHunk / reddit

A red car, a blue car, and a lady in between

Koopatroopa_7 / reddit

When these two different brands of white rice are placed next to each other, they make one plate of delectable meal.

landy1 / reddit

Oh look, my nail belongs to this wrapper!

whatserrname17 / reddit

This hard-boiled egg ‘fail’ ended up looking like a chicken.

raines88 / reddit

Do they realize how closely related they are?

ngalfano13 / reddit

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Look closely. There’s a pair of sandals trying to conceal itself.

TWrox / imgur

The shadow is trying to tell us what this thing is.

themattsquared / reddit

Am I seeing a mismatch here?

L33SA / reddit

A part of this guy’s hair moved to the other guy’s head.

BigBagOfMaths / reddit

Now she knows where they got the inspiration for her dress.

azaleahey / reddit

This guy visited his friend’s home where he met this cat. Coincidentally, the cat on his shirt looks exactly like his friend’s cat.

unknown author / imgur

What are the chances of standing in line with a total stranger wearing the same outfit and the same hair color at the Metline?

salmeida / reddit

He got this book as a Christmas present and later found out that the character from the book resembles him a lot.

designerlifela / reddit