These People Found Hilarious Excuses for Being Late to Work

We never run out of reasons why we show up to work late. However, the overused traffic excuse won’t hold water anymore. Whether the reason for being late is legitimate or ridiculous, the chance is high that your boss may not accept your excuse. So there’s nothing better that can backup your excuse than to show them proof. If you can show them pictures, there’s a better chance you’ll convince your boss, right? These brilliant people will show you how to pull off a flawless excuse. Here are pictures of hilarious excuses by people to justify their tardiness.

Are you late for work again? These creative people can make hilarious excuses seem more convincing.


When the door won’t allow you to get out of the house.


Counting sheep doesn’t help you get to sleep. But a herd of sheep can make you tardy at work.


Winter Wonderland doesn’t look that wonderful inside the car.


It’s the dog saying he doesn’t want you to travel away from him.


The yard has been invaded by a flock of birds. Stay inside your home for your safety.

hilarious excuses for being late to work

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