Perfectly Timed Photographs You Won’t Believe Are Real

Capturing perfectly timed photographs can be a challenge for some, but not for these people! They managed to shoot these pictures at such a good time, and the results are incredible.
Photography is very powerful. It is a way to express creativity and capture memories. Some photographers are so good, they are able to capture the best moments. Of course, with the help of a robust camera. And sometimes they are so perfectly timed, they become more than just photos. Here is a collection of perfectly timed photographs you won’t believe are real. Because photos can capture even the most hilarious moments.


That moment when you’re no longer the uncle of the year.


When a snowball fight started and they forgot to give you the memo. At least the hat will help the impact!

The look of disappointment on this kid’s face is priceless.


When birds act like jerks, too. Mine!


Just one of the ways to teach your child about gravity.


When your dog is graceful even when playing catch. Now that is perfect timing!

Photos shot at the perfect moment with hilarious results

When this girl is literally on fire. Let’s hope it’s not her birthday and she’s just the cake carrier.


This guy forgot to duck when the champagne popped. What a way to celebrate Christmas.


When you realize that doing a back flip into a pool is not always safe. Ouch!



A frog warping into another dimension.

“Look, son! No hands!”

When this deer gracefully slipped on ice.

When you think you’ve won the race but life hits you hard.


That moment when your time of relaxation turns into tragedy.

When you think you’re being sly but you’re really not. Snapped at the right time!