Face-Palming Lincoln Is The Winner Of The 2019 Texas SandFest

The 2019 Texas Sandfest has just recently concluded but it was indeed the most unforgettable event of the year. Twenty sand sculptors from different parts of the world participated in the event at the beach in Port Aransas. In front of thousands of spectators, the sculptors showcased their remarkable sculpting skills to compete for the coveted title. The main event features sand sculpting competition in three categories – master solo, master duo, and semi-pro. Spectators are awed by the artistry of the sculptors as the event was filled with stunning sand figures. Each sand sculpture exhibits unique design with a meaningful concept. But there could only one winner.

2019 texas sandfest winner

Out of the magnificent entries, one particular sand sculpture certainly stood out among the rest. Each sculpture has its own story to tell but the facepalming Lincoln definitely steals the show. The Liberty Crumbling by Damon Langlois shows the figure of Abraham Lincoln on his iconic chair. However, the former president of the United States appears to be in a facepalming position. Obviously, you don’t need us to tell you what this gesture means. Seeing the great president in this gesture only means that he’s ashamed or frustrated of what he’s seeing. The powerful message behind Langlois’ sculpture propelled him to become the winner of the 2019 Texas Sandfest in the Master Solo category.

1st Place- Liberty Crumbling, Damon Langlois

damon langlois liberty crumbling
Kastle Kelley


facepalming lincoln 2019 texas sandfest

The event’s coordinator, Suzanne Altamare, explains the criteria for judging.

“Sand sculptures are judged on originality, degree of difficulty, proper proportions, cleanliness of finished surfaces and the WOW factor,” she reveals.

Coming second place in the Master Solo category is Keep It Together by Joris Kivits. Third place is Sofia by Remy Hoggard who also bagged the People’s Choice Award by gaining the most number of votes from visitors.

2nd Place – Keep it Together, Joris Kivits

keep it together joris kivits

3rd Place– Sofia, Remy Hoggard

sofia remy hoggard 2019 texas sandfest

There are also other impressive entries that didn’t make the cut but are equally exemplary as the winners. Take a look at these honorable mentions:

She’s a Little Bit City and a Little Bit Country, Delayne Corbett

delayne corbett 2019 texas sandfest

Save the Elephants, Paul Hoggard

save the elephants paul hoggard

Carl Jara

carl jara 2019 texas sandfest

Out of Sight, Out of Mind, Todd Pangborn

turtle sand sculpture todd pangborn

Continental Drip, Jeff Strong

continental drip jeff strong

Here are the winners under the Master Duo category:

1st Place – Opposites Attract, Laura Cimador-Gowdy & John Gowdy

master duo winner opposites attract

2nd Place – Party in Your Plants, Morgan Rudluff & Abe Waterman

master duo second place party in your plants

3rd Place – Man in Motion, Ted Siebert & Fred Dobbs

master duo third place man in motion

Every year, the Texas Sandfest gathers thousands of people for a 3-day festival. The event started in 1997 and has been consistently drawing in more and more visitors each year. Apart from showcasing the talent of promising sculptors, it is also an event for a cause. It donates all collected funds to the Port Aransas Community Theater.

Here’s what the people have to say about the trending winner of the 2019 Texas Sandfest:

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Source: Kastle Kelley