You Can Now Stay In A Lisa Frank-themed Hotel Room And It’s A Technicolor Wonderland

If you’re an 80’s or 90’s kid, chances are that you’ve used a Lisa Frank notebook at some point of your academic life. Recently, collaborated with Lisa Frank to bring the brand’s technicolor world to life. It has been a hit with fans of the brand because the Lisa Frank-themed hotel room sold out almost immediately after going live.

The Lisa Frank hotel room sold out within an hour when it went live on Friday, October 11. Ecstatic guests will be able to enjoy the psychedelic wonderland from October 11 to 27. Jennifer Dohm, head of PR for the Americas, said:

“The reaction over the room has been absolutely incredible. It really is a dream come true for so many people out there; it has been fun seeing how much it means to them!”

Lisa Frank-Themed Hotel Room

We can only imagine that being inside this technicolor penthouse is like entering a whole new world. Like, if you come inside, all your grown up fears and troubles will magically be left behind at the door. This room looks like the ultimate 90’s kid wonderland. In fact, the president of Adam Jay said in the official press release that:

“The Lisa Frank Flat aims to [transport you] directly into a scene on one of Lisa Frank’s notebooks from your childhood. We wanted to design a room that celebrates all things ’90s, and nothing screams childhood nostalgia more than these iconic designs.”


The hotel room is the ultimate 90’s kid sleepover/ reunion venue.

Lisa Frank-Themed Hotel Room


Those quick enough to book a reservation will stay at a penthouse in one of Barsala’s Los Angeles apartments that has been given the full Lisa Frank treatment. From the window to the wall, you won’t find any place wanting of the technicolor touch. And, for the hefty price of $199/night, the Lisa Frank-themed hotel room guarantees to provide its guests with an experience like no other.

For starters, you and your gals can dive onto a sea of pink, rainbow-covered and cloud-shaped pillows on the bed. There’s so many pillows that you could even build a fort using the rainbow heart-covered duvet. The best part about the pink canopy bed is that it actually lights up!

There’s no television in the living area of the Lisa Frank Flat, but it’s definitely alive. Guests can choose to sit on the heart-covered rug, the pristine white couch, or the hot pink plush chair. It’s the perfect place to gather round with your friends and share anecdotes from your Lisa Frank-using days! Plus, the rainbow-stenciled window just makes the space all the more magical.


Lisa Frank-Themed Hotel Room bathroom


Lisa Frank-Themed Hotel Room bathroom different perspective


towels at Lisa Frank-themed Hotel Room


slippers at lisa frank-themed hotel room

The bathroom of the hotel room is literally your Lisa Frank notebook come to life. The “underwater dolphin fantasy world”-themed bathroom features delightfully colorful dolphins, sea horses, corals, and fish. When you jump into the shower, you won’t be getting a typical shower experience – you’re going to have a LED rainbow shower! Unlike other hotels, the guests can actually take home the slipper sets, sleep masks, and bath robes.


The hotel room’s office area is properly supplied with Lisa Frank stationery.

Lisa Frank-Themed Hotel Room office area


office space at lisa frank hotel room


And the minibar is stocked with your favorite (or least favorite) 90’s lunchbox treats!

Lisa Frank-Themed hotel room mini bar snacks

Throwback sweets and treats await you at the hotel’s minibar. And they’re all free. Yes, that’s right – the contents of the Lisa Frank Flat are free! Which naturally immediately puts it at the top of hotel minibars.

Novelty hotel rooms are on the rise, and we are so here for it. Obviously, we’re a little green with envy because we can’t book a reservation anymore, but you can still check out the Lisa Frank-themed hotel room here.