The Cheesecake Factory Has New Mix-In Dessert Cups In Three Different Flavors

We all want a no mess, no fuss way to satisfy our sweet tooth. That’s why no-bake desserts and single-serve desserts are literally heaven-sent. And if you’re looking for a great alternative to your usual pick-me-up, then The Cheesecake Factory’s new selection of Mix-In Desserts is worth checking out.

Manufactured by Lakeview Farms, the new Mix-In Desserts are part of the restaurant company’s At Home dessert line. The desserts consist of a flavored pudding base with toppings in a separate compartment of the cup. Each cup contains five ounces, so it’s just enough to satisfy your sugar cravings without making you feel guilty. They also come in three different flavors, so you can indulge in one after every meal.

the cheesecake factory at-home mix-in desserts new flavors
Lakeview Farms


The Cheesecake Factory has a new line of At Home Mix-In Desserts that consists of flavored pudding and decadent toppings

If you’re looking for something with just the right amount of sweetness and chocolatey taste, then Red Velvet’s the one for you. It consists of red velvet-inspired pudding that comes with cream cheese frosting chips.

Featuring espresso-infused pudding, Cafe Mocha is ideal for those looking for a dessert with a subtle caffeine kick. It also comes with dark chocolate cookie crunch toppings to complement its rich, decadent flavor.

Last but not the least, Creme Brulee consists of pudding inspired by the classic custard dessert. It also includes a mix-in of caramel crunch for a complete sugar rush.

These desserts are best served chilled, so be sure to store them in your fridge before devouring them. Once you’re ready to dig in, just pop the cup open, then stir the toppings into the pudding base. It’s that easy! And the best part? You can eat it right away, straight from the cup! So, you can totally skip the dreadful part of doing the dishes that comes after.

These pudding cups will be hitting the shelves starting this month. So, be sure to check out the refrigerated dessert aisle on your next grocery run!

Source: Lakeview Farms