Popeyes New Beignets Are Packed With Oozing Chocolate

Popeyes, the iconic fried chicken fast food restaurant based in New Orleans, is now offering a French Quarter dessert in select locations. And they’ve added their own decadent twist on the French Quarter classic! So if you’re looking to end your savory meal on a sweet note, you know where to go! Popular food website ChewBoom broke the news about the Chocolate Stuffed Beignets in the later half of September. Needless to say, everyone kind of drooled a bit because of it. However, they announced their product confirmation through FoodBeast. In their statement sent to FoodBeast, the chain said:

“As a brand from New Orleans we are always looking to bring new dishes and desserts from our hometown to the menu, but this time the beignets are only available at select restaurants.”

Popeyes Lousiana Kitchen Chocolate Stuffed Beignets
Popeyes Louisiana Kitchen

Beignets or “French doughnuts”, if you prefer a simpler terminology, are typically served as either a breakfast bite or an appetizer. This deep-fried doughnut is widely regarded as a New Orleans staple. You’ve absolutely got to try it when you visit the area! Because if you don’t… did you really go to New Orleans? But since traveling is discouraged at the moment, they have decided to bring the French Quarter flavor to us. They’re currently test-marketing the chocolate-filled beignets at several locations, including Boston, Massachusetts, Baltimore and Maryland.


The popular restaurant has chocolate-stuffed beignets in the works

When the chocolate-stuffed beignets are ready for nationwide release, you choose to get them in three ways. They will offer the French Quarter classic in sets of three ($1.99), half dozen ($3.99) or a whole dozen ($7.49). The delectable offering will come stuffed with rich chocolate filling and very generously covered with powdered sugar.


Instagram user @a_couple_fatties managed to sample the chocolatey offering, and according to them, “the chocolate was just oozing out of them”. If your local restaurant isn’t offering the chocolate-stuffed beignets yet, keep your fingers crossed. The brand has confirmed that they’ll be releasing it soon – but how soon is soon, when it involves chocolatey goodness?