You Can Now Get Massive 12-foot Beds That Fit The Whole Family

Remember this brilliant mom who built a giant bed for her entire family by modifying different furniture pieces? Well, before you decide to do the same on your own, allow us to introduce you to Ace Collection. This company boasts an impressive collection of massive mattresses and luxury bed accessories. And their biggest mattress size? A whopping 12-foot bed that’s, nearly twice as wide as your typical king-size bed.

The Ace Family Size mattress measures 12 feet (144 inches) wide and 6.67 feet (80 inches) long. That said, it makes the perfect spot for family activities, movie nights and perhaps even co-sleeping. Moreover, sleeping with a snoring partner would be less of a concern with this gigantic bed.


This 12-foot bed is the ultimate lounge area for you and your family on a lazy weekend

Ace Collection 12-foot Bed with White Sheet and Blue Pillows


Family Enjoying a Quality Time on Ace Collection 12-foot Bed


Couple with Four Dogs on Ace Collection 12-foot Bed

However, if you find this a bit overwhelming, then you can choose between the Ace Size and the Ace Player Size. Both variants are much smaller than the Ace Family Size but are still relatively bigger than a king-size bed. The Ace Size mattress measures 9 feet (108 inches) wide and 6.67 feet (80 inches) long. While, the Ace Player Size mattress measures 6.67 feet (80 inches) wide and 9 feet (108 inches) long.Bed Size Comparison


Ace Collection Modern Tufted Headboard in Charcoal Suede


Ace Collection Bed Size Variants

All mattresses are 12 to 13 inches thick and are made of individually wrapped pocket coils. Each features a two-inch specified density foam on top and a bamboo fabric covering. On top of that, they also have a fire-retardant agent.

Do note that the mattresses can fit through a standard 6’8″ high door. So, before ordering one, measure your doorways and staircases to see if they meet this requirement. Likewise, measure the desired room location for the mattress to see if it would actually fit.

Family Enjoying the Ace Family Bed Outdoor Exhibit


Couple with Dogs on Ace Collection 12-foot Bed

You can order your ultimate dream bed straight from Ace Collection’s website, in just four easy steps. First, select your preferred mattress, then select the base for your bed. Afterward, choose from a wide variety of headboard styles to match your room’s interior. Lastly, choose the type of bedding you want for your brand-new luxury bed.

Ace Collection Bed Frame and Headboard Variants


Ace Collection Curved Tufted Headboard


Ace Collection 12-foot Bed with Velvet Matress and Light Teal Blanket


Ace Collection 12-foot Bed with White Sheet and White and Gray Pillows

And the best part is the company offers free shipping to most major cities in the continental US. To be sure, check out Ace Collection’s website to find out more about their product offerings, shipping policy, and other FAQs.

Source: Ace Collection Website | Instagram