People Who Started The Year With A Bang

At the start of a brand new year, every one of us is hoping for good things. It’s believed that if you start the year right, then the rest will follow for the entire year. Now who wouldn’t want that? Take a look at this list of awesome people who started the year with a bang! 

A perfect snowflake.

When you hit the jackpot.

When you sit next to a video game animator on a 6-hour train ride.

My mom and girlfriend watching the fireworks from our window.

When your son took his first steps on New Year’s Eve.

When you see snow for the first time.

Winning the latest iPhone at an office raffle.

Mom of 2 wins $5,000/week for life on lottery ticket bought by mistake.

Having the plane to yourself because you were accidentally booked on a flight for moving crew.

Dog saves owner’s life by lying on him for 24-hours in the freezing cold when he fell and broke his neck.

Keep Going To See Even More People Who Started The Year With A Bang!

12-year old Syrian refugee shoeshine boy stares from the outside of a gym, so the owner gave him a free lifetime membership.

Helpful neighbor used his “new toy” to help remove snow in my driveway.

Owners of this house left their lawn watering system on during a forest fire.

Car owner gives water to the homeless. His license plate definitely doesn’t check out.

I found this 100-year old 1918 penny in my pocket on New Year.

The best Christmas gift.

Pair of gloves given to me by a stranger while I was walking in the cold. Thank you!

Legendary first day of 2018 photo with Keanu Reeves.

An unexpected surprise.

What great things have happened to you so far this year? Tell us in the comments below!