These Temporary Tattoos Are The Most Gangsta Way Of Showing You’re A Cat Lady

Do you love the idea of getting inked but hate the thought of being in pain? No need to worry, you can always get a beautiful, pain-free, temporary tattoo! As a cat lover, you’ll especially love these. There’s no better way to identify yourself as a cat lady than with these feline-inspired temporary tattoos.

Unlike permanent tattoos, temporary tattoos are absolutely painless. Applying the image to only the outer layer of skin minimizes any pain. There are two popular methods for applying temporary tattoos. One method is to have the dye or pigment drawn directly on your skin, often by an artist. The other method is a decal; an image printed on special paper coated with a transfer film. These gorgeous cat lady temporary tattoos are in the decal category.

decal-style cat-inspired tattoos

Etsy shop, Tattoorary, specializes in decal-style tattoos featuring a wide array of designs, subjects, and themes. Cats already run the world, so it’s no wonder that these temporary tattoos are the shop’s bestseller. For your order you’ll get one sheet of paper with 3 high quality printed images. This also includes application instructions.

decal-style cat-inspired tattoos special paper

Make sure your skin is cool and dry before applying your cat lady temporary tattoo. Use scissors to separate the three image and apply them one at a time.  Pick out your tattoo and peel off the thin layer of clear plastic that protects the image. Place the image face down on your skin and hold it firmly in place.

Take a damp cloth or sponge and press it firmly over the tattoo paper. Hold it for a full minute to ensure that the image transfers completely onto your skin. Then, peel off the paper slowly and gently to reveal the tattoo. Allow the image to dry for around ten minutes. For longer lasting cat lady temporary tattoos, apply a small amount of water-based lotion to hydrate the skin for better absorption.

cat lady temporary tattoos decal-style


cat lady temporary tattoos


cat lady temporary tattoos outcome

The tattoo will last up to a week. If you wish to remove it before that, simply rub the image with alcohol or oil. Get these adorable temporary tattoos here!