60+ Photos Of People Trying To Sell Mirrors That Are So Good They’ll Make Your Day

People take selfies in front of mirrors all of the time so there’s nothing special about that. But there is something funny about people trying to sell a mirror. Of course, buyers will want to see what they are paying for. So, online sellers will do whatever it takes to capture the best photo of their item. However, there is a problem with mirrors as it seems like it’s impossible to take a photo of a mirror without you having to stand in front of it.

So, how can you take a picture of a mirror without awkwardly being in the reflection? Should you change angles so the reflection doesn’t catch you? Maybe, you should hide behind a curtain to conceal yourself? Or maybe you are willing to pose in front of the mirror? If you’re at a loss for ideas, then let these photos give you some hints.


Moreover, there is a Twitter thread dedicated to mirror advertisements. And since the pictures are so funny, the thread quickly went viral. Some people have gone to some great lengths to get the perfect shot while they hide themselves from the frame. Meanwhile, others clearly didn’t mind showing themselves in the reflection. Because, these have been such a hit, we’ve found some funny and awkward ways that people dealt with this dilemma. So, take a look and have a good laugh!


And now here are some funny photos of people trying to sell mirrors


Seems Like This Dog Likes To Pose





people trying to sell mirrors hiding behind door








people trying to sell mirrors banana



people trying to sell mirrors photobomber









So, this one is hilarious!
































This Person Didn’t Mind Posing..


However, This One Did!








And We Love This One To!




Finally, We Have Another Leg Shot

So, which mirror photo is your favorite?