Trevor Smith Recreates Retro Meals And Items From His Childhood Through Crocheting

If you think sweaters, blankets, and scarfs are the only things you can do with crocheting, then you’re absolutely wrong. Australia-based contemporary artist Trevor Smith adds a modern twist to traditional crocheting – in full 3D. By using woolen yarns, he crafts eye-catching textile models of meals, miniature houses, and household appliances. Now, crochet isn’t just a grandma’s thing anymore. Modern artists such as Smith will show that this classic craft can go beyond its purpose of creating practical commodities. These crochet sculptures are solid proofs that this craft can be a form of art as it can also create ornamental artworks.

trevor smith crochet sculptures baked ham

So, what’s the magic behind these crochet sculptures? There’s no magic, actually. And the technique is very simple. Smith uses foam, rubber, or polystyrene to form the shape of the base. Then he puts his exceptional crocheting skills to work by covering the base with woolen yard. Of course, he uses yarns of different colors to give more life to the pieces. Most of his crochet sculptures are replicas of his favorite things in his childhood.

trevor smith crochet sculptures lobster platter

“These works have been influenced by childhood, family life, and by images from childhood—what was on TV or in magazines,” he reveals. “The food sculptures are a throwback to the advertisements in women’s magazines and the brightly colored images in old cookbooks.”

trevor smith crochet sculptures candy house


trevor smith crochet sculptures cheese platter

In his Cocktail Hour series, Smith presents a retro dinner party theme showcasing his personal favorite meals as a kid. Baked ham, lobster platter, crown roast, cheese platter, strawberry cake, and more. We ourselves can’t help but feel nostalgic about these retro meals. Aside from foods, Smith also finds inspiration from household appliances such as microwave oven, toaster, cassette player, blow dryer, blender, and more.

trevor smith crochet sculptures picnic basket


trevor smith crochet sculptures strawberry cake


trevor smith crochet sculptures crown roast


trevor smith crochet sculptures bird house


trevor smith crochet sculptures blow dryer


trevor smith crochet sculptures microwave oven


trevor smith crochet sculptures appliances

Do you want to have these crochet sculptures to adorn your home? You can buy some of his works on Michael Reid gallery. Also check out the artist’s Facebook page to see his entire collection of crochet sculptures.