24 Funny Photos Of People Going Against the Norm

There are certain things that people have adopted a universal way of doing. For example, wearing slippers on our feet and not our hands. But, what if we turn things around? What if we were to do things a little differently? Here are 24 funny photos showing people going against the norm. Take a look!

A sweet slice of pineapple with pizza on top.

Sharing the burden of a long journey ahead.

The deer that has finally sought revenge. 

Piling up on good books to read.

Your other personality has finally come out…

How the tables have turned!


Don’t judge a book by its cover. 

This is a much better system! Animals shouldn’t be caged. 

A long queue in the restrooms for men…

The old generations are now keeping up with the new technology!

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‘Honey, please get off your game and give me some attention’!

We find this hilarious! 

Goofing with my best friend.

Taking turns with my playful pet.

Ketchup and mayonnaise makes up a yummy burger.

Love conquers all adversities.

It is good to be of service Tom.

Must have been the best quality of its kind.

As wet as it can be.

There is a child within us all!

A burger that leaves nothing in the imagination…

Give me a break and let me fly free…

This guy is more interested in the TV than his company!