People Who Have Been Married But Never In Love

Marriage is something that many people dream of doing. However, not all marriages end up being happy ones. A lot of factors can actually contribute to this. With that, here are some shocking revelations from people who have been married but have never actually been in love. Take a look…
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#1 Maybe you only want him as a friend at first, and the rest was history.

married but never in love

#2 If this is the case, perhaps the problem is really with you. Poor husband, falling for the wrong person.

#3 True! Come to think of it, how can you genuinely love someone if you can’t even love your own self? Learn to love yourself before you commit is probably the best thing you can do for now.

#4 Experiences like these would truly teach you many things about love.

#5 Sometimes, even those whom you have known for quite a long time isn’t really the one for you. This kind of hurts for the wife’s part though.

#6 Having been married that long and being blessed with 4 kids already, isn’t it too late for you to have realized this?

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#7 Never use the victim card when you knew that you never loved your husband in the first place.

#8 Shouldn’t this be a time for you to reevaluate yourself if that’s the case? Never jump into marriage just for the sake of being married.

#9 Some people are really never meant for marriage. So if you can’t save the marriage, at least you can still save the friendship.

#10 Missing out a couple of things in life must be a terrible feeling for you, huh?

#11 Perhaps you are just in love with the idea of marriage but not really with your spouse.

#12 A love that’s selfish was and never is fair for to other person involved.

#13 Well, what can you say about this? Perhaps you were having an idealistic perspective of love.

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