People That Have A Fantastic Sense Of Humor

Here at Awesome Inventions, we personally think that humor makes the world a better place. You could be really annoyed, upset or angry at something but sometimes all you need to snap out of your current mood is a little bit of laughter. Below we have a selection of people that have a fantastic sense of humor. These are the kinds of people that shine rays of light down on our miserable dark days. Take a look!

Some people hate losing their hair/balding. But, others see it as an opportunity to be creative and amusing!

‘It’s been 3 days since I replaced my sister’s goldfish with carrots’.

When record breaking low temperatures hit, this gentleman creates funny photo opportunities to mark the occasion.

‘So my brother got my entire family these plain black mugs… but when they get hot, they’re covered entirely in my mug shot’. Awkward!

This determined gentleman failed his driving test 13 times. His family decided to get him a cake with a driver’s license on it…

Never underestimate the creepiness of a customized face cushion (or three).

‘I called the cops a couple of weeks ago because a bottle of fermented grape juice exploded and I thought it was a gunshot. Here’s what my friends did to my stair case for April Fools’! That’s a ton of grape juice! Wow.

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These should be dotted around everywhere in our opinion!

Taking a water-filled Hershey’s syrup bottle to the gym inspires some rather confused looks!

How to make it crystal clear that your local pizza place is going overboard with their leaflets…

When you ask for a joke inside your pizza box…

‘My dad and his morbid sense of humor make their way to the family reunion…’

Well, she does not look even slightly amused!

Some people would struggle to make light of losing a limb but not this awesome guy!