Hilarious Tweets All Parents Will Appreciate

It’s no secret that parenting is hard work. Of course, it is one of the most joyous and rewarding experiences, but, it is also one of the most stressful and traumatic! So many responsibilities rest on a parent’s shoulders. We aren’t just talking the general ones like making sure your children are loved, fed and safe, there’s also the fact that you are literally going to shape and teach this little person right and wrong, which is a huge deal! This is serious stuff! So, it’s good to find some humor in the stresses every now and again, as these tweets do perfectly.

This kid knows how to plan ahead!

Be afraid, be very afraid!

Interesting choice, little one.

What mom doesn’t know can’t hurt her…

Parents love to be competitive! We love the response.

That is one sassy kid!

A good tactic for if your children are playing up!

We would have loved to have seen their reactions after stumbling across the history!

We couldn’t have summed parenthood up any better. 

Clearly you need to switch jobs, dad.

Let’s hope the 3 year old didn’t let the truth slip…

Funny how this happens, isn’t it?

This parent should pair her coworkers’ names with dinosaurs, maybe that will help!

Rookie mistake!

As annoying and irritating as they can be, kids really do come out with the funniest things. Your little bundles of joy may be the reason that you don’t sleep, eat or pee in peace for at least 10 years, but every now and again they do something that reminds you how great they are. If you’re a parent reading this, we’re sure that you’re relating! Feel free to share your own pearls of parenting wisdom in the comments section below and show other future parents what they have waiting for them! Keep going for more amusing tweets!

At least the kid is honest!

There is no comeback that will ever be better than this.

A vicious cycle of learning pointless algebra.

Rephrase… ‘the cool kid who looks like an extra in The Walking Dead’

A great tip and so true!

That child’s response has made us feel so old. 

Nailed it. Broccoli sales people are just the worst!

Creepier than any horror movie you’ve ever seen!

Spontaneous crying in public, just one of the many perks of parenthood.

Hopefully they didn’t enjoy the role reversal and this mom got some undisturbed sleep eventually!

Of course, dad! Every parent knows to yell in advance of when you would normally yell!