14 Of The Most Cringe Worthy Marriage Proposals Ever


People all over the world imagine the day that they receive a marriage proposal from a loved one. Sure, there are different strokes for different folks, so some people will imagine something more edgy or unusual. However, for the majority, we'd hazard a guess that their ideal proposal looks something like dinner, dancing, fine wine, and a romantic stroll in the moonlight, during which the question is gracefully popped. That's why we feel a bit bad for these guys who seem to have been proposed to in some of the trashiest ways possible. We really hope that they have long and happy marriages but, in all honesty, we're pretty sure some of these couples won't even make it down the aisle.


Ah, the Walmart parking lot, the place where dreams go to die.


Taco bell hot sauce proposal. Classy!


Out the front of Wendy's. Sensing a definite fast food theme here.


This could have worked well, if only Brittany's partner hadn't chosen idiot friends who can't structure a simple sentence.


Pretty sure this dude only said "yes" to avoid making a scene.



Really regretting placing that "no" box now, eh?


Wow. Well, at least Darnel respects Kiara's love of Kool-Aid.


Because who hasn't dreamed of being proposed to in a grocery store?


We can't even with this one.


Not sure if this one counts as trashy. Just nerdy, but kind of cute.


At least there was some planning involved here.


Not sure if we can approve of this union… but still, cute!


You've really got to love burgers to say "yes" to this proposal.


Not even sure what the significance of the $10k is here. Reverse dowry? Money to bribe Emily's pimp to let her off his books? Simply showing off? The mind boggles.

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