Upgrade Your Home With A Stylish Modern 6-Person Swing Table

Are you tired and bored of your usual dining experience? With this 6-person swing table, you’ll never want to get up from your dining seat ever again. This is because this dining table has swings for the chairs, adding a new exciting twist to ordinary dining. Swinging while eating, why not? Etsy seller SwingTables now gives you the best of both worlds. You can enjoy your meals as you leisurely swing back and forth. And another great thing about this extraordinary dining table is that you can easily assemble it in less than an hour.

This 6-person swing table features a stainless steel square tube frame and reliable steel chains for the swing seats. Each swing seat is made of walnut wood that hangs around a walnut-topped table, with a lovely planter box in the center. Like all DIY kits, this 6-seater swing table doesn’t come fully-assembled, meaning you’ll have to assemble the components together. Instructions are included in the package that lists down easy-to-follow assembly directions. We recommend that you assemble the structure with the help of another person to set it up in lesser time. As for the construction tools, you’ll only need a drill with Phillips bit to get the work done. Nothing more, nothing less.

etsy swingtables 6-person swing table

etsy 6-person swing table planter box

You can place the swing table in your dining room or in your backyard, whichever you prefer. Regardless of your choice of space, make sure to add some clearance for the swings. When assembled, this 6-person swing table would measure 82 inches long, 48 inches wide and 84 inches tall. Each swing seat can sustain up to 350 pounds of weight.

This 6-person swing table features steel frame and walnut-topped table and swing seats

etsy 6-person swing table walnut indoor outdoor


etsy 6-person swing table walnut seats

It also comes with a cute planter box in the center

etsy 6-person swing table planter box center


etsy 6-person swing table walnut wood material

Take note that this handmade structure is made to order so you can customized the details according to your preferences. If you want the frame to be painted with your choice of color then just specify the details in your order. In addition to this 6-seater, SwingTables also offers 4-seater and 2-seater swing tables to suit your specific needs. You can visit and contact the seller on his Etsy shop to discuss your preferred custom options.