Parenting Hacks To Make Your Daily Life Easier

The rewards that come from being a parent are endless. Sadly, any parent will also tell you that the same goes for daily life stresses! We’re always on the hunt for ways to make our lives go by smoother, quicker and more efficiently. This is no different when it comes to raising our kids! Luckily for us, with the invention of the internet we can all share our hacks, tips and ideas to help others out. Take a look below and you may just come across a hack that makes your daily life easier!


Avoid your kids slipping and sliding all over the place by bathing them in a laundry basket. This will prevent their toys from floating away, meaning less need for movement!

Bath Basket

Create your own food caddy to keep your car cleaner. This also helps when it comes to holding everything neatly in one place!

Car Tray
Lookie What I DId


Use a lint roller to pick up crumbs or spillages.

Crumb Collector
Real Simple


Let your kids run free with their drawing creativity in a cardboard box. No mess, easily sustainable and will occupy for hours!

Box Scribbles
Berry Sweet Baby


Use trash bags to line your diaper pail.

Odor Shield


Cut up an old lotion bottle to make it easier for your kids to reach the tap!

Tap Hack


Create a small hole in a pacifier to administer medicines smoothly.



Place your child’s onesie on back to front to avoid them playing with their diapers. 

Greta Cheney

Use an old DVD box to make a fun, portable and easily replaceable coloring case.

DVD Case
Stacy Vaughn


Use a barrette to tighten loose straps.



Trace your little ones feet so you don’t have to take them shoe shopping with you.

Feet Outline
A Beautiful Ruckus


Soothe sore gums by freezing a pacifier. You can use breast milk, formula or water.

Frozen Pacifier