People Have Been Sharing Pics Of Their Cat’s Overdramatic Acting And It’s Hilarious

Drama isn’t just a human thing. The truth is, felines are feisty creatures who are also no strangers to dramatics. We’ve featured a collection of hilarious photos showing overdramatic cats in the past. And since we can’t get enough of these soap opera pets, we’re bringing a new compilation to honor the most adorable drama queens (and kings) in the world.

Everyone is well aware that cats have a tendency towards drama. This is why it’s no wonder they always make it to the most viral list on the internet. Our feline friends typically would never hesitate to show what they truly feel. Unlike dogs, they don’t live to impress their owners. But instead, humans exist to impress and pamper them with all they need. So, what happens when things aren’t going their way? Easy: they turn to drama just to get the message across.


Overdramatic Cats Showing Their Priceless Reactions

But why are cats so overdramatic? Cats try to communicate through vocalizations, facial expressions and body language. They incessantly meow to catch your attention, put on a grumpy face when they’re upset, or roll around on their back when they’re having tantrums. Not to mention, the priceless reaction they make when they are surprised, scared or jealous. Indeed, their candid and unfiltered reactions are a real gem. And these cats truly deserve an Oscar.


“Our Cat Was Forgotten Outside. She Activated Our Video Doorbell To Come In”

overdramatic cats forgotten outside


“She Has No Idea What Just Slapped Her In The Face”

blind dog licks a cat shocked reaction


“My Brother’s Cat’s Reaction To New Furniture”

kitty standing on two feet reaction to furniture

While it’s cute to watch them turn into drama queens, it’s also essential to understand the message they’re trying to tell. Hearing them meowing and yowling non-stop for hours may mean something else other than just trying to catch some attention. While you’re probably aware that cats are emotional creatures, it’s also wise to be vigilant and recognize even the slightest changes in your cat’s behaviors. Hence, you need to determine the signals between a cat throwing a fit and a cat in serious distress.

We’ve compiled another list of amusing photos of overdramatic cats to show that feline drama is the most hilarious thing you could ever see. We hope you can handle all the cuteness overload drama on this list.


Let Me In!

overdramatic cats let me in


“I Shooed Him Off My Lap And He Gonna Be A Little B***h About It”

overdramatic cats having a tantrum


“When You Find Out You’re Pregnant”

kitty pregnancy shocked reaction


“He Heard Me Sneeze For The First Time”

kitty surprised reaction sneeze


“She Got Spooked”

overdramatic cats spooked


“Trying To Teach My Daughter To Hold The Cat Properly And Captured This Gem”

girl holding a scared kitty


“Shia Caught By A Shark”

overdramatic cats eaten by plush shark


“What’s In A Name?”

kitty weird reaction to her name


“Felt Like I Was Interrupting A Cat Drug Deal Today”

feline drug deal interrupted


“Met This Guy In Amsterdam”

overdramatic cats amsterdam


“Feeding Time Was An Hour Ago, Jessica”

menacing kitty with batman shadow


“Our Persian Cat Staring At Our New Pup”

kitty reaction to the new pup


“When Your Human Dared To Pet Another Animal. Don’t Even Touch Me, Betrayer. Ugh”


“I’m Extremely Blessed To Have My Own Tiny Lifeguard. Except, Instead Of Using A Whistle Or Attempting To Save Me – He Screams At Me In Terror. The Entire Time”

overdramatic cats lifeguard screams in terror


“I Accidentally Turned On The News And My Cats Reaction Says It All”

kitty reaction to tv news


“My Buddy Dressed Up As His Cat For Halloween. Look At The Cat’s Face”

terrified kitty held by doppelganger mascot


“My Cat Always Looks Like He Has Anxiety. Yes, He Always Looks Like This”

anxious-looking kitty


“Every Morning, Simba’s Allowed To Tan On The Balcony. But When It’s Time To Go Back Inside, He Screams”

overdramatic cats time to go inside


“Melvin Demanded A Walk. Then This Happened. I Had To Carry Him Home. (He’s Fine, He’s Just A Drama Queen)”

kitty too lazy to walk


“Meet Katsu: A Dramatic And Needy Boi Screaming For His Hooman”

kitty screaming for attention


Feline Drama Queen


I Was A Little Late Serving Breakfast

overdramatic cats breakfast served late


“My Sister Took Her Cat For A Walk Last Fall. We Still Don’t Know If He Was Enjoying Himself”

kitty hugging a tree


“Life In A Nutshell”

stuck kitty life in a nutshell
Amanda Lowther


“Noodle Has Seen Too Much”


“I Took My Boy To The Vet. This Is How He Felt About It”

overdramatic cats going to the vet reaction


“Taken From My Parents’ Kitchen Window. They Don’t Have Any Cats”

stray kitties playing in the backyard


“My Cat, When She Realizes She’s Stuck”

stuck kitty facial reaction


“She’s Been Screaming At These Water Droplets For 3 Minutes. Get Out Of The Shower You Tiny Moron”

kitten screaming at water droplets


“Henrietta Would Like Your Support In Declaring War. She’s Not Sure What She’s Against, But She’s Sure It’s Important”

tiny kitten screaming


“I Think My Cat Took It Personally”

kitty disapproves face mask

“Upstairs Neighbors Are Loud. We Were Startled Together”

kitty startled by noisy neighbors upstairs


“The Chair Is Mine! Muahahah”


“Demands To Get Into Car. Proceeds To Be Shocked She Is In The Car”

overdramatic cats shocked inside the car


“Just A Typical Bath Time With Kiwi”

kitty thinks human is drowning


“I Know How You Feel, Rosco, I Know How You Feel”

kitty shocked by mirror reflection


“He’s Very Concerned About Who Will Feed Him If I Drown In The Bath”

kitty thinks owner is drowning in the bath tub


“Me: Maddy Is Home From Her Vacation. Dotty The Cat: I’m Dead”


“This Is Fridge. She Would Like To File A Formal Complaint With The Staff About Feeding Schedules”

overdramatic cats feline karen


“Get That Thing Away From Me”


“Tried To Get A Pic Of The Daily Garden Haul But It Was Also Her Dinner Time”

needy cat wants her dinner


“Marvel The Cat Reacts At 2020”

overdramatic cats reaction to 2020