Meet “Kitzia” Dubbed The New Grumpy Cat – She Looks Absolutely Livid

It has been more than a year since the original Grumpy Cat passed away and after Tardar Sauce died at the age of 7, her fans have been searching for an heir to her throne. One of the most suitable successors is Meow Meow, a cat from Taiwan with a Batman mark on her face which contributes to her ‘always angry’ look. Now, it seems that Meow Meow has competition because another ‘scowling’ kitty named Kitzia is here to claim the coveted throne.

No other kitty can ever replace Tardar Sauce, especially in the hearts of her fans and followers. But we think it’s time to move on and pass the crown to other deserving kitties as well. As we said earlier, there are two probable candidates. Since we’ve featured Meow Meow before, we’re now going to put the spotlight on Kitzia. This tabby cat is quickly becoming an internet sensation due to her crotchety appearance. As far as grumpiness is concerned, this kitty’s distinct frowning face makes her look even angrier than the late Tardar Sauce.


Meet Kitzia – the New Grumpy Cat

So, Kitzia belongs to Viktoriia Otdielnova who is originally from Ukraine and now both are happily living in Florida together. Viktoriia explains on her pet’s Instagram page that despite Kitzia’s ‘permanent angry’ expression, she is actually friendly and sweet. Apparently, people immediately noticed her similarity to the late Tardar Sauce. One look at this kitty’s face and that glowering stare will surely intimidate you.




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While Meow Meow has a Batman mark on her face, Kitzia has that V-shaped mark on her forehead that makes her appear to be frowning all the time. Since Viktoriia works as a professional photographer, she was able to perfectly capture Kitzia’s surly face in all its glory. As of this writing, Kitzia’s Instagram page already has over 75K followers. And her followers can’t just seem to get enough of her amusing resting face.





















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