People Are Getting Giant Outdoor Bubble Tents To Get Them Through Winter

Don’t let the cold weather stop you from enjoying the outdoors this winter. This giant outdoor bubble tent will keep you and your family comfortable and cozy regardless of the temperature outside. While the retreat of summertime camping offers plenty of outdoor opportunities to yourself, the same can’t be said to winter camping. Apparently, extreme frigid weather condition only allows us to set up a camping close to home. But even a backyard camping can be as enjoyable as well.

To make your winter backyard camping as comfortable and delightful as possible, this company designed a giant outdoor bubble tent that you can easily set up anywhere. This roundish camping pod is called Winter Screen House Room. It features a spacious interior and transparent 6-panel PVC walls to provide unobstructed view of your surroundings. Designed to work in all types of weather, it is made of waterproof and wind-resistant PVC material with warmth retention properties to keep you warm in colder weather. It has two large entrance doors that you can open/close with double side silicone zippers and two windows on the top to provide ventilation. In case of rain or snow, you can close the top windows by placing the included top covers.


This Outdoor Bubble Tent Is Ideal For All Types Of Weather

giant outdoor bubble tent

This outdoor bubble tent is available in two sizes: 10 x 10 feet, and 12 x 12 feet. The smaller version can comfortably accommodate 4 – 6 persons while the larger one can fit 8 – 10 persons. You can also add some chairs and a table inside the pod for a more enjoyable retreat. If you need more warmth inside the tent, you can put a portable heater inside to beat the cold. In summer when it’s too hot outside, you can put a portable cooler instead.

transparent weather pod patio


outdoor bubble tent transparent panels


screen house room for all seasons

The outdoor bubble tent isn’t just a camping pod for all seasons. With social distancing regulations still in effect, it can also be used to partition group of customers in restaurants, salons, and more. So, people can carry on with their usual activities while observing physical distancing. This pop-up tent is so easy to set up. Its innovative fiberglass ribs pop up in a second and its detachable support poles prevent the pod from collapsing in rainy days.  It comes with 16 guylines and 16 mounting stakes along with 8 elongated sandbags that you can easily set in place to provide stability in windy conditions.

canopy gazebo for social distancing


giant outdoor bubble tent restaurants


outdoor bubble tent social distancing

Another great thing about this outdoor bubble tent is that it is as easy to fold down as it is to pop up open. It features a patented folding technique to help you store it away easily when not in use. Fold it down and store it into its compact carry bag (included) for easy storage and transport. One satisfied customer wrote:

“I love this! I use it in my backyard with a portable heater because I hate being indoors all the time. This is great for when I just want to take my coffee outside and watch the snow fall.”

pop up weather pod


winter screen house room


weather pod backyard camping


greenhouse transparent pop up tent

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