13 Hilarious Memes Related To Being Lazy For You To Enjoy In Your Lazy Time

Who doesn’t love a lazy meme? Laziness has almost become a trend in current times. People are being more outspoken about, and even possibly proud of, being lazy! Now, of course, you can’t spend your whole life being a coach potato. But, there is plenty of humor to be found particularly among the younger generation and how demotivated they are, or the opposite end of the spectrum about people who act lazy due to the tiredness caused from having a busy life. Take a look below at some hilarious lazy-related memes and see if you identify!

Memes About Being Lazy

Sometimes you manage to go through all the effort of putting your gym clothes on, only to fall at the last hurdle. It’s not a nice feeling to fail, but sometimes your favorite TV shows just call out at you to stay in and enjoy them.

fat dog lying down put on gym clothes watch tv lazy meme

This is the unfortunate cycle that many people find themselves in. You’ve let yourself get into a state where working out is super hard and therefore you struggle to find any motivation to work out.

im lazy because im fat and im fat because im lazy

Ah, this is basically our mantra. Procrastinating can be a huge addiction for lazy people. Spare a thought for all the people who will be feeling stressed tomorrow that they left everything until last minute…

just do it tomorrow nike tick with meme man lying on it

Even lazy people have bursts of motivation. However, don’t worry, they are generally super short so if you wait a few moments that burst of energy and positive thinking should go away…

dog meme whenever i feel the need to exercise i lie down

Some lazy people are a little bit in denial. They struggle to own their actions (or lack thereof) so prefer to be called by a different term…

lazy is an ugly word i prefer Selective Participation

One thing is for sure, some of the most creative people you’ll ever meet are lazy ones. They often find ways to cut corners and apply minimal effort. This means that certain things lazy people come up with are pure genius!

unopened door wedge being used with lazy quote

Round is most definitely a shape!

squirrel eating with round is a shape text

We don’t think it’s fair to speak of Spongebob in this manner. He’s an idol to many!

spongebob to do list nothing

Ah, the remote. You have such a hateful relationship with it. Despite being an inanimate object, it seems to end up in the most irritating of places, forcing you to do some insane maneuver to retrieve it!

i will do anything humanly possible to reach the remote without getting up

Falling asleep with the lights on is fine. But, being woken up by them in the middle of the night isn’t. The internal battle to motivate yourself to turn the lights off is a tough one. More and more people are being forward thinking by having a switch right next to their bed like most hotels do. Problem solved!

man face down on bed with turn off the lights text

Taking laziness to another level!

if there was an award for laziness meme

There are so many moments where you almost have the motivation to do something. Where you almost get up and be active. Thankfully, these moments of weakness are often super easy to overcome.

photo of sloth with lazy joke

This statement couldn’t be more true!

beach scene with loungers and umbrella with hard work quote