10 Of The Most Common Bra Misconceptions And How To Correct Them

There are so many different sizes and styles of bras on the market that the average woman would be forgiven for getting totally confused. We all have different shapes and body types and it’s good to know how to make the most of our figures, just by wearing the right bra. The best advice available on bras is to get professionally fitted and measured before buying any! Take a look at these bra do’s and don’ts, below!


Try not to wear the same bra two days in a row as this will do nothing for the longevity of the garment. Your bra needs time for the elastic to rest and reset itself which in turn will allow you to get more use out of it.


If you buy the correct band size, you should be able to start on the loosest hook and progress to the tightest one as your bra stretches over time!


This may shock you but a bra lasts, on average, around eight months with normal wear. The more bras you have to change between, the longer they will last!


If you have breasts which are on the perkier side, a contoured bra which keeps its shape at all times is for you. Most women, however, will benefit more from a soft-seamed bra which molds to your breasts natural shape.


To keep them in great condition, use ‘Woolite’ to wash your bras. Washing them in regular laundry detergent can soften the elastic.


Buy different styles of bras to wear with different outfits.


If you see a cute bra in the right cup but wrong band size, don’t give in to temptation and buy it. Always go for the right band size and then think about the cup.


Get measured and fitted in order to find your true bra size and to ensure you’re always feeling and looking your best.


Your bra band should never ride up your back. If it does, ditch it and get measured for one that fits!


Be proud of your natural shape, there is no need to wear push-up bras too often.