Talented Artist Robin Eley Recreates Classic Paintings By Making Them Look Like They’re Wrapped In Plastic Film

The most iconic paintings in the world have stood the test of time and each of these masterpieces are truly nonpareil. Modern artists, however, have found ways to recreate these classic paintings by applying their own contemporary techniques. One of whom is LA-based artist Robin Eley who recreates famous paintings by adding some mind-boggling features. He uses hyper realistic precision to make it look like each masterpiece is wrapped in torn plastic film and tape.

Robin has created his own versions of iconic paintings. These include Mona Lisa, The Starry Night, Girl with a Pearl Earring, The Milkmaid, Woman with Yellow Hat, Salvator Mundi, The Brilliance and many others. His replication of these classical masterpieces are so spot on. But the most striking element of his artwork is the illusion of a clear plastic film on the surface of the canvas. Furthermore, the reflective film appears to be messily torn with some pieces patched together with tape.


Robin Eley recreates famous paintings by adding a hyper realistic illusion of reflective film and tape


One look and the illusion will instantly convince you that the paintings are wrapped in actual plastic film. In fact, even his Instagram followers have expressed their doubts, saying that the plastic film is real and is not an illusion. In response, Robin has to post videos of his artworks taken from all angles. This is to show that they are in fact 2D paintings. He also shared some video clips of him at work to show how he creates oil-rendered illusion on his paintings. The videos just proved that his hyper realistic technique is so extraordinary that it has the ability to trick the viewer’s perception of reality.









The concept of adding plastic wrap to famous paintings is more than just an illusion to trick the eyes. For Robin, this is also a way to explore the perception of isolation in the modern world. Moreover, the realistic torn wrapping adds a touch of mystery to the entire artwork, along with the anticipation of ‘unwrapping’ each masterpiece. Check out and follow his Instagram page to see his impressive series of illusion paintings.





















Source: Robin – Instagram