19 Annoying Things Kids Do That Drive Their Parents Crazy

Teenagers often go through a stage of rebellion and will question everything that their parents say. From tattoos, body piercings and dating choices that parents won’t approve of, here’s a list of annoying things kids do that drive their parents crazy!

When You Get Played…

It’s Time to Stop Now, Brother!

Talk about Going The Extra Mile

That Will Show Them Who’s The Boss

Who’s More Racist Now?

Slayer Would Be Proud.


Who Doesn’t Love Midnight Snacks Anyway?

Yes or No?

Your Body, Your Rules.

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At Least, It’s A Respectable Job.

Just Wait Until You Have Your Own Kids…

Too Much of Anything Is Bad.

Go Get That Money!

When Children Follow In Your Footsteps.

Quite Trashy.

Just WOW!

Doesn’t Hurt to Have Many Hobbies…

We Bet You Didn’t See That Coming, Huh?