15 Beauty Tips That Make Looking Good Easy – Part 3


So by now you’ve read parts 1 and 2 of 50 Beauty Tips You Wish You Knew and you are looking great we bet! Welcome to the third and final part where you can find out how to rescue crumbling compacts and how to get the perfect winged eyeliner among other things. With all these hints and tips, you will be a professional by the time you’ve read this last part of the post. So get your make up out now and prepare to learn 15 more of the coolest tips around. Enjoy!

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Get perfect brows by simply using the tip of a pencil to figure out where they should begin, arch and end.

brow instructions


Mix cornstarch with nail polish to give it a new matte look.

matte nail polish


Pale pink shimmer-powder dusted down your shins will make your legs look longer.

leg powder


By using a business card when applying mascara you’ll keep it off your upper lid and will get the makeup right down to the roots of your lashes.

mascara cartoon


Place a tissue over your lips and dust lightly with translucent powder to set your lipstick.

woman tissue brush mouth

Milk of magnesia applied over moisturizer helps to significantly reduce shine.

milk of magnesia


Figure out which colors suit you best in order to look as good as possible.

shade selector


Putting a few drops of rubbing alcohol into a crumbling compact will make it as good as new again in no time.

powder fix


Heating eyelash curlers with your blow dryer will give you a longer lasting and more pronounced curl.

hairdryer lash curler


Dab blush onto your lipstick for a high-fashion matte look.

mattify lips


 Use white liner as an eyeshadow base to make the true color show.

white eye pencil


Make clumpy mascara a thing of the past by adding a few drops of saline solution or Visine.

eyedrops mascara


Using pigments mixed with petroleum jelly you can create the perfect custom lip shade.

lipsticks girl


Mix some pigment with clear polish to create a new custom color for your nails.

nails pigment


Get perfectly winged liner by using a spoon. The handle part can be drawn along to create a perfectly straight line and the bowl of the spoon held against the eye can be used to create a winged effect. Easy!

spoon eyeliner

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Here is part 1 and 2:
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