Up Your Creepy Game This Halloween With These Unicorn And Dragon Skeletons

Unicorns (and rainbows) often depict perpetual bliss and wonderful moments. With their rainbow-colored flowing tails and spiral sparkling horn projecting from their forehead, unicorns are indeed symbols of purity and kindness. But novelty store Oriental Trading will show you the secret side of a unicorn that we’ve never seen before. The shop features this Halloween Unicorn Skeleton, giving a touch of creepiness to the mythical creatures that are deemed divine.

It’s virtually impossible to incorporate the dashing unicorn with Halloween. But Oriental Trading was able to do just that. They were able to present unicorns, less the colorful mane and silky skin, with nothing but bones. The unicorn skeleton still has its spiral horn though, with all its sparkling splendor.

oriental trading halloween unicorn skeleton

This unicorn skeleton Halloween decor is made of plastic and comes in one piece

unicorn skeleton plastic halloween decor

This Halloween décor is entirely made of plastic so no actual unicorns were harmed in the making of this product. It measures 43 inches by 27 inches and it comes fully-assembled in one piece. You can place it on your porch to make a spooky statement or to simply ruin someone’s childhood perception on amiable unicorns. You can also pair it with another mythical creature – a dragon skeleton. If you’re wondering how these powerful creatures look beneath their magnificent manes and scales, this is now your chance.

Oriental Trading also offers this Dragon Skeleton

oriental trading halloween dragon skeleton


dragon skeleton plastic halloween decor

Get the unicorn skeleton (and the dragon skeleton as well) on Oriental Trading website to get you fully-prepared for October 31. Each piece retails at $69.99 so catch it now before it gallops away.

Source: Oriental Trading