Christmas Tree Beds Exist And Your Cat Will Love It

We surely love our furry feline pets; this is why we succumb to their every whim. And if they wish to feel like it’s Christmas every day then so be it. With these Christmas Tree cat beds, your kitty will have its own festive cave, all to itself. Cats really find Christmas so fascinating.

You’ve probably caught them awestruck by the fancy Christmas tree with all its glittering baubles and sparkling fairy lights. And you already know what happens when they see something that fascinates them – they want these things for themselves. If you’re a cat owner, you probably find it impossible to maintain a Christmas tree. Your cat trying to climb the tree to take the hanging ornaments or the star topper, that’s probably the regular scenario.

christmas tree cat beds

Save your Christmas tree and yourself from always picking up broken baubles and get these Christmas tree cat beds. This Christmas tree pet bed has a cave-like design with plenty of room for your cat to spread out in. It is available in three different designs – green Christmas tree with star topper, green Christmas tree with a pom-pom topper, and a red giant Santa hat. Choose from two sizes – small (35 inches) and medium (42 inches).

These Christmas tree cat beds are made from high quality PP cotton and high resilience sponge to provide soft, comfy, and warm abode for your feline pet. One of the great things about this plush pet nest is that its parts come fully detachable. You can attach the tent to keep your pet warm in cold weather. And detach it to keep your pet cool in hot weather.

christmas tree cat beds green pom-pom topper


christmas tree cat beds red santa hat


christmas tree cat beds fully detachable

If you think these Christmas tree cat beds are too plain for your fussy kitty, we’ve found a similar product on Etsy that is more festive and Christmassy than the one on Amazon. This Christmas tree cat bed is fully handmade from green shades felted sheep wool. Also, the colorful garland is made from felted natural wool. With its realistic design, your cat won’t wish to go anywhere else than its own fancy Christmas tree. This decorative cat bed measures 13.7 inches long, 15.7 inches wide, and 22.4 inches high.

This decorative pet bed features a realistic Christmas tree design complete with colorful garland

ornamental christmas tree cat beds


decorative christmas tree cat beds


decorative christmas tree cat beds with colorful garland


decorative christmas tree cat beds top


decorative christmas tree cat beds round door


ornamental christmas tree cat beds felted wool

Whether you go for the basic design or opt for a more flamboyant design, you can never go wrong with these Christmas tree cat beds. Give your kitties a purrfect Christmas by giving them this cozy present. So, get the detachable Christmas tree pet nest here and the ornamental Christmas tree cat bed here.