Ceramic Christmas Trees Are Making Comeback This Christmas

One look at this ceramic Christmas tree and the memory of the past surely flashes back into mind. Indeed, this vintage Christmas tree is a blast from the past. But why are they resurfacing now? Christmas décor designs have dramatically changed over the course of time. In a worldwide attempt to reduce tree-cutting, several companies and organizations have been advocating the use of reusable artificial trees. Over the years, fake trees have evolved in terms of materials and design. Back in the 1970s, light-up ceramic trees were considered a staple in every home during holiday season.

pre-lit ceramic christmas tree

Christmas tree-shaped ceramic flourished in the market until the early 1990s. These classy trees became so popular due to their beautiful feature which made them ideal as elegant pieces of decors. Several companies began mass-producing ceramic trees with tiny electric bulbs in different colors. But what’s in fashion today may become obsolete someday. And that’s exactly what happened to the ceramic tree.

Due to a decline in interest in ceramics, several ceramic shops and mold companies were forced to go out of business. Aluminum trees and PVC trees eventually replaced the outdated ceramic trees. Then fiber-optic illuminated trees came into the mix. And the ceramic Christmas tree became a thing of the past.

ceramic christmas tree

But we already what happens when modern designers reach a dead-end. Yes, they tend to go back to the basics. This paved way for the ceramic trees to come back to life after decades of hiatus. Since these trees are made from fired clay with a glossy finish, they actually look more sophisticated than their plastic or aluminum counterparts.

If you want to add a ceramic Christmas tree to your holiday décor, you might want to check this product on Amazon. Standing at 15 inches with 8.5 inches diameter, this pre-lit hand-painted ceramic tree is perfect on any countertop, desk, table, or fireplace mantel. It is festooned with 64 multicolored light bulbs along with a set of two 7-pointed star toppers.

ceramic christmas tree multicolored light bulbs


ceramic christmas tree colorful light bulbs


ceramic christmas tree light bulbs


ceramic christmas tree seven-pointed star topper


ceramic christmas tree green customer photos


ceramic christmas tree tabletop

It is also available in white color

white ceramic christmas tree


white ceramic christmas tree light bulbs


ceramic christmas tree white

It also comes with a 5-foot power cord and an on/off switch to turn the colorful lights on or off. Plus, the light bulbs are replaceable so you can easily remove and replace damaged bulbs. You can also choose from two color options – green and white. Bring back the good ‘ol days and get this ceramic Christmas tree here.



One satisfied buyer wrote:

“Just as cute as I remember as a child. This tree is beyond worth the $40. I’m tempted to order my mom one since she’s the one [who] started this craze of me finding another one. So, if you’re having doubts of ordering this tree, go ahead and order it, you won’t be disappointed.”