Skeleton Toilet Paper Holder

Add some spooky fun to your bathroom with this skeleton toilet paper holder. Whether you’re planning a Halloween party or just want to give your guests a big scare, everyone will be thrilled with this whimsical bathroom accessory. Decorative and functional, simply place it near the toilet and watch your bathroom turn from boring to fun.

This freestanding toilet paper holder features a realistic presentation of a full body human skeleton. From the skull down to the vertebrae to the bony arms and legs, the exquisite details make it an interesting centerpiece for your bathroom. It is entirely made of metal flaunting a retro punk design with the skull in chrome finish and the rest painted in glossy black. It can make a year-round novelty item for homes with Gothic or fantasy theme.


Skeleton Toilet Paper Holder

skeleton toilet paper holder

This creepy-looking skeleton toilet paper features a pair of sturdy base to keep the small statue standing upright on any flat surface. Just let it stand on the bathroom floor, insert a roll of toilet paper into the spindle roller, and let it serve you with butt napkins when you need them. Don’t worry, it may look horrifying but it is very dedicated to its job of holding your TP for your convenience.

skeleton toilet paper holder metal

Suitable for most rolls of toilet paper, this freestanding bathroom accessory doesn’t require installation unlike its wall-mounted counterparts. It can stand on its own and ready to offer its services when you need it. This gruesome statue makes an ideal gift for your Halloween-loving friends or those who love creepy things.

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