Rescued Hairless Bunny “Mr Bigglesworth” Was Saved From Euthanasia And Now Lives As An Online Star

Rabbits are among the most beloved creatures in the world, thanks to their fluffiness, long ears, adorable nose twitch and graceful hops. In fact, they are the third most popular pet, after cats and dogs! However, not all kits – or baby rabbits – will be born covered with fur. Some unique cases will be born without the thick coat of fur we all admire about rabbits. Such is the case of Mr Bigglesworth, the internet-famous hairless Rex Rabbit from Victoria, Australia.

The story began in when Cassandra Hall spotted him on a breeder’s advertisement on Facebook. The breeder was selling the hairless rabbit and his siblings, but made a note that said, ‘Hairless not for free’. Having never seen one before, Cassandra immediately reached out to the breeder for more photos and they obliged. Along with the photos, the breeder told Cassandra that she could have him for free, since they wouldn’t be able to sell him and might up putting him down like they did with another hairless rabbit before.


Cassandra Hall took Mr Bigglesworth to save him from euthanasia

Cassandra went to the breeder’s place the very next day. When she arrived, she saw the tiny hairless rabbit living outside together with its fur-covered siblings. In comparison to other rabbits, the furless baby rabbit was frail. It seemed like he would not be able to live a long life. However, this did not deter Cassandra from taking him home. As the rabbit reminds her and her siblings of the cat from the Austin Powers movie, Mr Bigglesworth, so that is how the rabbit got his name.

Since the rabbit’s circumstance is unique, Cassandra knew that she would need to provide a different kind of care for him. His appearance made the family worry because he didn’t look like he would survive beyond being a baby. But Cassandra was determined to give him a chance. So, she began to research on how to take care of a hairless rabbit. She also posted pictures posted pictures of her new pet on her other bunny’s Instagram page. And since she now had two pet rabbits, Cassandra decided to change her pets’ Instagram handle to @loafy_mrbigglesworth… which later changed to @mrbigglesworthrabbit when Loafy crossed the rainbow bridge.


The online rabbit community came together to help Cassandra learn how to properly care for her new pet

Shortly after the images of her family’s hairless addition went online, numerous media outlets picked up the story. Cassandra’s new pet became a worldwide sensation overnight. This helped others caring for hairless bunnies reach out to Cassandra. Some shared helpful advice, others offered their own stories. Thanks to her fellow hairless rabbit owners, Cassandra learned that her pet’s parents had the ff gene or the hairless gene. When rabbits carrying the ff gene mate, they will produce a hairless offspring in every litter.

Most hairless kits won’t live beyond 4 weeks, since they lack the fur coat that helps them stay warm. Those that live beyond their first 4 weeks will either sprout fine fur all over their body or grow tufts in random parts of their body. Others will live for a while but not as long from because of their extremely thin skin exposed. However, Cassandra is happy to report that,

“Currently, Mr Bigglesworth is very healthy considering his condition.”


Cassandra and her family take good care of the rabbit

Thanks to advice of her fellow hairless rabbit owners, the Hills are able to care of their furless companion well. Due to his high metabolism, Cassandra shares that they have to feed him much more food than they would normally provide for their other bunnies. They also take him to the veterinarian every six months to see how he’s doing.


“He lives inside with us, we never let him outside because Australia has the calcivirus which kills rabbits and is transported by mosquito bites. He is kept warm by his numerous jumpers and his companion rabbit Miss Cinnamon Bun.”


To make up for his lack of fur, the rabbit has to wear jumpers and costumes to stay warm.


“If he gets cold, he shivers like a human. His skin feels like a baby’s skin, it is super soft and if he scratches himself we use pawpaw ointment. He is toilet trained to use a kitty litter tray.”


Aside from the company of Miss Cinnamon Bun, he also has plenty of other plush pals


This bunny’s definitely the friendly type

He may not have a lot of hair but he’s got loads of personality

Cassandra happily shares that the rabbit isn’t letting his lack of lustrous fur get in his way of him living his best life. In fact, the 2-year-old Rex Rabbit doesn’t seem to mind it at all. (With all the love and care he’s getting, how could be not be happy and healthy?) His family happily shares that their resident Instagram celebrity’s got an outgoing, playful, and quirky attitude. His owner shared that he,

“has a cheeky personality and is very mischievous. He knows the word ‘no’ and if I see him doing something naughty, I yell out ‘no’ and he comes up to me and stomps his feet and honks a noise. He does this several times to me and it makes me laugh. It’s as if he’s yelling at me for telling him off.”


He isn’t totally hairless though – he’s got fine hair and tufts growing in some places


This bunny’s making big leaps

“Since Mr Bigglesworth is the epitome of the outcast, most people connect with his “underdog” story and adore him for his endearing qualities. His loyal followers embrace his physical differences and have fallen in love with his cheekiness and connect to his message; that true beauty comes in all forms and radiates from within.”


This loveable bad bunny and his family are using their influence in helping causes that matter. “Our latest was the for the wildlife affected by the bushfires in Australia because it’s so close to our home,” Cassandra said. Mr. Bigglesworth partnered together with @wanderingwabbits to create a merchandise collection that fans can buy. All the proceeds will be given to the Hill family’s chosen wildlife rescue centers. “We did short videos visiting various wildlife centers and giving them money from what our fans raised, it was very rewarding.”

Aside from this, Cassandra is also very active in participating in anti-bullying campaigns. She takes her beloved pet to schools and holds talks that aims to make children understand that bullying is not okay.


“The Mr Bigglesworth story is unfolding and will hopefully continue for many more years.”


Keeping rabbits as pets is a big responsibility

We all adore bunnies, but the sad reality is that they’re seen as “starter pets” by many. Thousands of rabbits are abandoned every year by unprepared owners. People typically assume that rabbits are low maintenance, which is far from the truth. In reality, caring for a rabbit requires a lot of work. “Rabbits are very intelligent and need to be looked after properly and need to be entertained by lots of rabbit toys or they can be destructive,” Mary E. Cotter, House Rabbit Society’s spokesperson said. “Their quarters need daily cleaning, and fresh food and water must be offered daily, including a salad of well-washed, dark-green vegetables. Certain rabbit health problems can become chronic and can require regular (and some expensive) veterinary treatment.”

And according to Cotter, veterinarians specializing in rabbit medicine aren’t exactly easy to find, despite their crucial role. You must constantly monitor rabbits to prevent or detect any health issues they might have. No issue is ever to minor for these fluffy hoppers – a brief bout of anorexia may be life-threatening for them. Many animal welfare groups like House Rabbit Society are advocating for prospective rabbit pet owners to educate themselves about the animal they’re thinking of taking home.


Watch some of his most adorable moments below


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If everyone is as well-informed about rabbits as we are about cats and dogs, things would be better for these adorable creatures. Treat these gentle fluffs right and you’ll have a friend for life. Keep up with the rabbit’s adventures via Instagram, Facebook, and at his website!