Brilliant Ideas For Reinventing Your Bathroom Space

Most of us spend a lot of time in our bathrooms. However, sometimes we don’t give the area the attention it deserves. There are so many brilliant ideas for reinventing your bathroom space and below we have a selection of them for you. It doesn’t have to cost a fortune and take up weeks of your time to do a make over! Take a look and you’ll be on the way to having a more stylish space with better utilized storage!

Brilliant Ideas For Reinventing Your Bathroom Space

These DIY storage bins can be customized to suit any decor! Instructions here

These reclaimed wood shelves are so stylish! Find out how you can create them here

Glass jars seem to have endless uses. Organise your bathroom bits easily by replicating the idea below. All you need to know can be found here

These hanging baskets are the perfect way to add storage to small spaces. More details here!

We love this multi-functional shelf! What a neat way to hang towels.

Clothes hooks are ideal for cupboard doors! 

This idea is particularly good for guest bathrooms. Make your visitors feel like they’re staying at a luxurious hotel with these labelled containers! 

Make use of the space that other people would ignore, such as above doors! 

Make up can leave a bathroom looking cluttered and messy. Remove this issue by creating a magnetic cosmetics board! Click here to find out more. 

Ensure that you never lose your tweezers, hair pins and nail clippers again by storing them all on a magnetic strip! 

Breaking down your storage space into levels helps you to utilize every inch! 

This dual purpose unit is adorable! Find out more about it here

Attaching a magazine holder to your cabinet doors is a simple and easy way of adding more space! 

If you’re a dab hand at reworking wood pallets, you could create a shelf design like this!