McDonald’s Has Three New Delicious Minute Maid Slushie Flavors

You might not have noticed it yet, but the mercury is rising. Pretty soon, you’ll be looking for ways to keep yourself cool in the sweltering temperature. Luckily, there’s a new McDonald’s Minute Maid Slushie already ready to quench your thirst alongside two familiar flavors from the previous summer lineup. This year’s lineup features icy cool, fruity flavors just like last time. But this time, we have the option to sip on something with a little zest instead of the usual sweetness overload!

Last year, McDonald’s introduced three Minute Maid Slushies to their summer menu. The slushie choices ranged from Fruit Punch, Blue Raspberry, and Sweet Peach. These slushies sure hit the spot, because we’ve been looking forward to their return ever since they went off-menu. Now aside from slushies, we all know that lemonade is another quintessential summer sip. It’s refreshing, bursting with great health benefits, and relatively easy to make. And now we can enjoy this classic summer drink in slushie form, thanks to McDonald’s and Minute Maid!

mcdonald's minute maid slushie pink lemonade


The new McDonald’s Minute Maid Slushie lineup features a trio of refreshing bursting with color and flavor


The latest addition to McDonald’s technicolor slushie lineup is the Minute Maid Pink Lemonade Slushie. It’s basically just like the pink-tinged drink we can grab in the refrigerator aisle in a store, but better! I mean… any Minute Maid drink would be exponentially refreshing when it’s been blended with ice, and we’re positive that this Pink Lemonade Slushie will be no different.

mcdonald's minute maid slushie blue raspberry

According to lemonade connoisseurs, the flavor difference between the regular lemonade and pink lemonade is easy to detect. The pink lemonade variety is slightly sweeter than its regular counterpart, so you can expect a bit of a sugar rush while sipping this icy treat. Just like last year, the McDonald’s Minute Maid Slushies will be available in a variety of drink sizes from small, medium, and large.

mcdonald's minute maid slushie fruit punch

Since going out is still not a viable option for now, you can order these fruity slushies via the McDonald’s App and order from a participating location. You can also order these refreshing summer sips via McDelivery with UberEats. We’re definitely feeling a bit parched for that Pink Lemonade Slushie right now!


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