The Peeps Pancake Set Creates Cute Little Bunny-Shaped Pancakes For A Festive Treat

Easter may be months away but Peeps is literally starting the fun early. The beloved marshmallow brand is offering bunny-shaped Peeps pancakes. And we’re suddenly more excited to wake up in the morning! After all, bunny-shaped pancakes with sunny-side up eggs, crispy bacon and some fruit sounds like a delightful way to start one’s day!

The adorable set contains a bunny-shaped skillet and a mix that can make up to six pancakes. Unfortunately, the pancake mix appears to be a classic mix, and not a fun version that somehow mixes in marshmallows. Which is totally fine by us, because pancakes are delicious, no matter what! But if you really want to level up your breakfast game, you can always experiment with combining some Peeps marshmallows with the batter…

bunny-shaped skillet for peeps pancakes


The Peeps Pancake Set comes with a fun bunny-shaped skillet

Strangely enough, Peeps hasn’t spoken a peep about this fun new breakfast offering. No official announcement has been made on their social platforms. But the Easter-ready set’s already popped up in their Amazon store, where it will officially be available starting March 3rd. Some Peeps fans have already gotten their hands on this set and they love it! This will definitely make a great addition to your Easter breakfasts and baskets this year!


bunny shaped pancakes


The tiny bunny-shaped skillet features facial details like the eyes and the nose. That should help give your pancake some personality! To achieve the fun bunny shape, you’ll only need to pour 1/4 of the mixture onto the skillet then wait for the bubbles to pop. Once the surface bubbles pop, you’ll have to act quick and transfer it to a bigger pan to cook completely. Hopefully, this set hops onto supermarket shelves soon, because we can’t wait to try bunny-shaped buttermilk pancakes topped with marshmallows!


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Source: Amazon