This Picture Frame Has Sand That Moves With Each Turn Creating A New Image

Enhance your space and soothe your senses with this mesmerizing moving sand art. Sand pictures are the result of a unique sand art which was made popular by Austrian artist Klaus Boesch. This dynamic art piece consists of a picture frame containing actual flowing sand that form breathtaking landscapes as they fall. Similar to an hourglass, the picture frame can be turned over when all of the sand has trickled to the bottom. With each turn, the sand fall in a different pattern to create new landscapes. So you’re not only getting an interactive piece of art but an ever-changing picture as well.

Klaus Boesch, aka The Sandman, has created numerous sand pictures since he pioneered the art in 1988. One of his masterpieces called the Movie Diamond Ring is one of the most mesmerizing pieces of art we’ve seen so far. It features a bedazzling mixture of colored sands in white, soft black, and blue tones that gently flow downward to form stunning landscapes that are soothing to the eyes. With an awe-inspiring background image of a solar eclipse, the piece as a whole gives off a dreamlike ambience that will transport your senses to complete tranquility. Watch the calming stream of sand fall to create a new scene with every turn.


Moving Sand Art: Movie Diamond Ring

moving sand art

So, how does the magic happen? The moving sand art consists of two glass panes with a space between where it is filled with colored sands and liquid. A frame holds the glass panes together to make it air tight. A certain amount of air is allowed to create air bubbles that support the sand grains on top and keep them from falling all at once. The sand grains will then have to squeeze themselves through a tiny space between the air bubbles to escape. And gravity will then do its work of letting the grains fall to the bottom.

moving sand art solar eclipse background


klaus boesch movie diamond ring

When they fall, the sand forms fascinating mountains that are never the same. You can turn the picture frame on any of its side and watch it create a unique composition you’ve never seen before. The ever-changing scenes are sure to make up for an infinite amount of fascination. A relaxing statement piece for your home or office, it gives you the perfect scenery to help you soothe your exhausted mind at the end of the day.

movie diamond ring klaus boesch


klaus boesch movie diamond ring frame

This mesmerizing moving sand art is available in 3 sizes – medium, large, and extra-large. Medium size frame measures 13 inches x 8.6 inches, large size measures 16.5 inches x 11.4 inches, and extra-large measures 28 inches x 20 inches. It can be rotated in either landscape or portrait orientation. The luxurious piece comes fitted with an elegant, matte black frame.

moving sand art movie diamond ring

Source: Etsy