This Toy Skeleton Mold Kit Lets You Build A Sand Skeleton

Kids and grown-ups alike, we are all total beach bums. For us, the beach isn’t just for swimming but it’s for other fun activities as well. This summer you and your kids can create life-size human skeletons right on the sand with the help of this Bag O’ Bones Beach Skeleton. Besides, no beach adventure is complete without creating fun sand castles and sculptures.

The as a set includes 14 life-sized molds to help your kids construct a human skeleton in the sand. It includes 3 separate pieces for each arm and leg, a hip bone, a large torso piece and a skull. This kit doesn’t only encourage imaginative play but also helps your kids understand human anatomy better. All pieces are made from plastic in a glossy blue color for maximum visibility in the sand and snow.


Bag O’ Bones Beach Skeleton Sand Mold Toys

bag o bones beach skeleton life-size

The pieces work just like any other sand mold toys. Simply press the mold down in the sand firm enough to create the shape. Then pull the plastic mold back up slowly to reveal the molded sand. Teach your kids where each skeleton pieces is located to give them a better understanding of the human skeletal framework. These plastic molds also work in the snow. Whether it’s summer or winter, the fun never stops with the Bag O’ Bones Skeleton. The kit comes in a net bag for easy storage and transportation. One satisfied customer wrote:

“For our family beach trip, I wanted something than just sand castles for my almost 8 year old. When he saw this, he was so excited! He took the time to build the whole skeleton, then made skull and crossbones, shell decorated skulls and more. It was a fun thing for him to do and it looked pretty awesome as well!”

bag o bones beach skeleton kit


The Kit Includes 14 Separate Plastic Molds

plastic mold skull


plastic sand mold torso part


plastic sand mold humerus arm


plastic sand mold radius ulna arm


plastic sand mold hands


plastic sand mold hip part


plastic sand mold femur leg


plastic sand mold fibula tibia leg


plastic sand mold feet


bag o bones beach skeleton sand mold toys


bag o bones beach skeleton results


bag o bones beach skeleton crossbone


bag o bones beach skeleton plastic molds


bag o bones beach skeleton sand molds

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bag o bones beach skeleton sand mold

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