This Soda Float Glass Add-On Lets You Add Ice Cream To Any Soda Bottle

The indulgent combination of sweet creamy ice cream and the refreshing taste of soda is what makes an ice cream float one of the best chilled beverages in the world. Not to mention, this classic favorite is simple and easy to make. But if you’re looking for a more fun way of making and drinking this frothy drink then you’ll need this soda float glass.

The float glass is designed to bring a new and exciting way for us to enjoy an ice cream float even more. No need to mix and create an ice cream float in a mug anymore. Simply insert the bottom nozzle into the bottle of your favorite soda, put a scoop of ice cream into it and drink your ice cream float right from the cup. The soda from the bottle instantly creates fizzy, frothy bubbles as soon as it hits the ice cream in the cup. So, you’ll get all the refreshingly foamy goodness in every sip.


Soda Float Glass

ice cream float plastic cup

But is there a need to use this float glass when you can just mix it yourself? The difference lies on the amount of time the soda comes in contact with the ice cream. As the ice cream mixes with the carbonated drink, it knocks the carbon dioxide in the soda out of solution. Combined with the bubbles of air in the ice cream, the mixture produces frothy bubbles with a rich flavor that combine the full taste of ice cream and soda. Hence, drinking it at the moment the two ingredients blend is the best way to enjoy this chilled beverage in its fullest flavor.

soda float glass ice cream


ice cream softdrink float plastic cup


soda float glass plastic

The float glass, although advertised as a ‘glass’, is actually made of clear Tritan plastic which is shatter-proof and odorless. Furthermore, it is BPA-free making it absolutely safe for even kids to use. It features a black cork-like nozzle that allows the liquid from the bottle to flow slowly into the cup without any leaks. It fits any standard beverage bottles ranging from 8-oz up to 12-oz bottles. You can use it on a bottle of root beer as well.

soda float glass


float buddy cup

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