Swiss Miss Has Released A Unicorn Hot Cocoa Topped With Magical Marshmallows

Swiss Miss has introduced a new mix fit for a princess. The Unicorn Marshmallows mix is just like the classic mix we’ve known all our lives, but better. Back in the day, we only ever enjoyed hot chocolate with adorable white mini-mallows.  This magical new offering features colorful tiny marshmallows that’s sure to amuse drinkers of all ages! As per its official description:

“Make snow days and unicorn parties even more magical with this whimsical treat. Your kids will love the rainbow of colorful marshmallows, and you’ll love that this hot cocoa for kids is free from artificial flavors, sweeteners, and preservatives.”

swiss miss unicorn marshmallows


swiss miss made with real cocoa

The whimsical new hot chocolate offering was released in anticipation of the chilly fall and winter season in 2019. Fortunately, it isn’t limited edition and is still widely available in online and in-stores.


Enjoy a magical mug of goodness with the Swiss Miss Unicorn Marshmallow mix

This unicorn-themed mix only proves one thing. The unicorn craze isn’t going anywhere any time soon. In fact, your little princess’ unicorn-themed parties just got a whole lot yummier thanks to this hot cocoa’s existence. We can already imagine them squealing with delight at the sight of these colorful drinks accompanying a plate of freshly baked Unicorn-inspired morsels.

little girl enjoying a cup of swiss miss with yummy toppings


hot cocoa topped with a swirl of whipped cream and colorful marshmallows

Each box contains 6 sachets of 1.38-ounce hot cocoa mix and 6 0.2-ounce packets of rainbow colored marshmallows. Instead of the usual white, you’ll see different colors floating in your decadent hot cocoa. The unicorn-inspired marshmallows come in hues of red, orange, green, blue and purple. You’d have to be made of stone not to smile at the sight of these colorful little marshmallows floating on top of your cocoa!


Taste magic in every cup

According to the package, the hot cocoa mix contains no artificial ingredients and sweeteners. This means that you and your little one will be sipping on real, Alkali processed cocoa. This type of cocoa has reduced acidity, makes the cocoa darker and has a richer flavor. They’ve also mixed in non-fat milk to make every cup guilt-free! Another great thing about this offering is that it’s 99.99% caffeine-free, so you can totally enjoy this before bedtime.

a cup of swiss miss with unicorn marshmallows




People have been getting pretty creative with their unicorn-inspired hot chocolate drink


You can grab a box of the Unicorn Marshmallows mix at Walmart and Amazon today.

When they coined the term “happiness in a cup”, they must’ve been dreaming of this.