Couple In Quarantine Made A Miniature Art Gallery For Their Pet Gerbils To Explore

The pandemic lockdown got everyone stuck inside their homes for an indefinite period of time. While our most formidable adversary is lurking out there, there’s another nemesis that we need to face while we’re in quarantine. And that adversary is called ‘boredom’. A London couple didn’t allow the humdrum of the moment to get the best of them. They did so by optimizing their free time and creating a miniature art gallery for their pet gerbils.

Filippo and Marianna are Italians living in London. And just like most parts of the world, the entire UK is currently on a lockdown. Self-isolation and social distancing polices have been implemented as part of the global effort to stop the pandemic. During this period, people are mandated to stay at home and isolate themselves from other people. Obviously, going under self-quarantine is boring and lonely. But some people are coming up with exciting ways to make the best out of their quarantine. Filippo and Marianna put their interests together and decided to build a miniature art gallery for their two cute gerbils named Pandoro and Tiramisu.


A London couple in quarantine creates a miniature art gallery for their pet gerbils

miniature art gallery gerbils

Filippo is an employee of the V&A Museum while Marianna works in retail. Their love for art is one of their common interests. Filippo works in a renowned art museum while Marianna is very good in painting. In order to optimize their free time, Marianna suggested that they make a doll house for their pet gerbils. But Filippo has another thing in mind. Instead of a doll house, he suggested to create a miniature art gallery where they can apply both their expertise. Marianna could make the paintings while he could construct the gallery based from the museum he’s working.


The Gerbil Museum project sketch plan

the gerbil museum sketch plan


the gerbil museum production

Filippo documented the development of the “Gerbil Museum” on his Twitter page starting from sketch plan up to the finished creation. They decided to recreate 4 famous masterpieces including Da Vinci’s “Mona Lisa”, Munch’s “The Scream, Klimt’s “The Kiss”, and Vermeer’s “Girl with a Pearl Earring”. Of course, they used Pandoro and Tiramisu as the models in the paintings. In addition to the paintings, the miniature art gallery comes complete with stools, signs, benches, and QR codes located just beside the paintings.

miniature art gallery mona lisa


miniature art gallery the scream


gerbil museum the kiss painting


miniature art gallery girl with a pearl earring


the gerbil museum wall labels

Pandoro and Tiramisu seemed to love their miniature art gallery as they try to sniff at the paintings with confusion. And since everything is made from papers and cardboards, the entire gallery may come as a delectable chew toy for these cute rodents. Despite the sign saying ‘Please Don’t Chew’, the two adorable gerbils just couldn’t help themselves from doing so. The post about the “Gerbil Museum” went viral on Twitter. Many of Filippo’s followers even suggested that they expand the gallery and add more paintings.


“These last few days were incredible: what started as a small fun project became one of the most surreal experiences we’ve ever had with thousands of positive comments and messages about our gerbils and the gallery,” Filippo said. “A lot of people seemed happy to see gerbils taking the spotlight for once, instead of depressive stories about the current situation around the world.”

the gerbil museum view


miniature art gallery for gerbils


pet gerbil museum


gerbils miniature art gallery


Watch the cute gerbils explore their miniature art gallery on the video below

As promised, this is the full video of our gerbils visiting the museum. No gerbils or gallery assistants were harmed in the making of this. from r/aww


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