Dad Turns His Kids Into Superheroes With The Help Of Coffee Mugs


Lance Curran works with 'Threadless', and is the co-founder of the 'Arcade Brewery', but he's also a dad who likes to have some fun with his kids. As a self-confessed comic book fanatic, Curran has a lot of comic merchandise and memorabilia lying around. This includes a number of coffee mugs adorned with the faces of superheroes. So, what he decided to do was take photos of his kids while holding said mugs in strategic positions, making it look like his kids' bodies have superhero heads. It's actually surprisingly effective and is a good way to help you crack a smile on an otherwise joyless morning. Curran posts these photos up on 'Instagram' with the hashtag '#breakfastmugshot'. We're posting some of the best of them below, but be sure to check out his Instagram account or the hashtag to see more of his funny photos.

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What do you think of this project? Personally, we think it's a great idea and can't get enough of it!

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